: 06 STS Custom Hood Suggestions?

05-06-09, 09:49 AM
Looking at all the member photos, there are some really sweet hoods out there. My question is can you suggest who to go to? I'm in upstate ny, but obviously they can ship...I tried extreme composite in TX as a member had said, but he only does the CTS hoods.
Any advice would be welcomed....thanks

05-06-09, 11:42 AM
STS-V hood is about your only option unless you start tacking on scoops and stuff. D3 may have a vented hood.

05-06-09, 09:13 PM
I second the STS V hood. It looks awesome.

05-09-09, 12:00 AM
pricing the hood this coming week, I have a pal in collision, so hopefully he can get me a great deal if there is any such thing.
I got the mesh grille today, I was going to try to get it in myself this weekend, but after feeling dumb as a post with programming the new fob that came I am thinking I'd better take it to the shop so I don't screw anything else up. I was so confident a few days ago, now just intimidated and frustrated! I think I'll have a jack and coke to try to rethink my inadequacy, could the car be smarter than me, in fact I believe it's a possibility at the moment.