: '84 Coupe rumbling rear end

05-05-09, 11:03 PM
:hmm:At first I thought it was a u-joint. I replaced the driveshaft with one I knew was good, still rumbled. Put a rim and tire that I knew was balanced and straight on the right rear and then the left, still rumbled. So I think it is the rear end. I have a '85 Fleetwood with a good rear to swap. It has some kind of vibration damper on it. It kinda looks like a small piece of leaf spring with a canister like weight on the end and it is attached with shackles. Was this a factory option? The reason why I ask is because I'm wondering if there was a vibration/rumbling issue with the car that caused someone to put an aftermarket damper on the rear end. I also thought that maybe it was a factory option to enhance ride quality. Which of these assumptions is right. If neither, please tell me what is right. I don't want to swap the rears and still have an issue. :bonkers:Thank you for your input.

05-06-09, 09:50 AM
If yours is rumbling it will probably get worse. The only time in my life that I had a rear end failure was a 82 Olds Regency; same rear as yours. I bought 2 lemons after that and wished I would have fixed that rear end. I just took it apart last year but I forgot what it was already. I think it was just the gears or maybe just the pinion bearing. I remember thinking I should have fixed it.

05-06-09, 09:10 PM
I think it is a pinion bearing too. The frequency of the rumbling leads me to believe that. I don't know how long the previous driver drove it like that already. I'm thinking there may be some premature wear on the gears. I may pop the cover off and have a look before I make the decision to swap the rears. I'm definitely not selling this car anytime soon. I actually have a full drivetrain from a '70 sedan deville (500bb,400turbo, 12 bolt rear) that I want to put in my 84 Coupe, when funds permit. For now, it's patch the rear or swap it with the 85 Fleet. I appreciate the input.