: Just a fuse, or more sinister?

05-04-09, 06:14 PM
Hi All.

As per my earlier posts, I'm looking at replacing my 1992 Brougham D'Elegance for a 1991 Brougham D'Elegance. The 91 is in better shape, doesn't need paint, and it's cheaper to buy than to do a decent paint job on my 1992.

I took the 1991 to my mechanic today, and he gave it the thumbs up. It needs rear shocks & brakes, an idler arm, and front brake line flex hoses. According to my mechanic, all are basically maintenance issues, and in fact, I had to do a couple of those to the 1992 when I bought it last year.

One thing I did notice on the 1991....the power mirrors don't work, nor do the power door locks. Not only do they not lock with the power lock button, but they don't automatically lock when you put the car in drive, and they don't all open with the exterior door key. On top of that, the trip odometre isn't displaying on the dash, and the interior tail light indicators (the ones above the rear window you see in the rearview mirror) are not working, although the fibreoptic turn signal indicators on the front fenders were working. The power seats worked perfectly.

My mechanic didn't check the above issues, as he was just looking at the safety aspects, and why pay for him to check out the above if I didn't end up buying the car.

Do the above electrical issues sound like blown fuses?

05-04-09, 08:43 PM
Maybe... but I wouldn't spend a dime on the car until the electrical issues were sorted out. To check the fuse takes about thirty seconds, so start there.

05-04-09, 10:18 PM
don't buy it, this don't buy it, if this 1992 cadillac brougham you have works fine with no problems pay for the paint job, don't buy this car, it will cost you more then any paint job will, even if you fix these problems for sure it has more, the fact the owner did not fix these things I don't think he would fix much on the car when it comes to mechanical things.
I got a 1988 cadillac brougham and I till you this, car looked beautiful, but I spent more then $1 000.00 to safety it, more then $1 000.00 on other things that are not on the safety, and 2nd day of driving it a realized the transmission was dyeing. and that costed me more then $1 400.00 to rebuild. and I paid $800.00 for the car.
as you see. I should have looked more into it when I got it, but I was stupid. and wanted one now. and it looked nice. but I got the biggest lemon in town I bet. and all these things I did not notice when I got it. when I got it I was thinking I was going to spend $500.00 on safety at most, and as you see I spent more then $1 000.00 on it.
and allot more on other things.
what I am saying is, if your current cadillac is good, don't buy another one. you may end up like me. :(
I got to the point when I say to my self I have so much money in it now don't turn back.
I wish I waited and got a nice one.
but for you, you have one, and if it only needs a paint job, and every thing else is fine keep it.
don't replace it with a car that will cost you more money in the long run.