: anyone located in NYC?? could really use a local cadillac buddy

05-04-09, 03:30 AM
I am just starting to get into cadillacs, and am ready to purchase my first one. Is there anyone in the nyc area who could show me the ropes? I would really love to be able to have someone who knows more about these cars then I do come along with me, and make sure I'm not buying a lemon. Drinks or lunch on me or something, lol.

Also, if I eventually want to try doing a few basic things on the car myself, like tune it up, it would be really helpful to have someone slightly more experienced around to make sure I don't blow myself up.

anybody? thanks in advance!

05-05-09, 10:09 AM

Post your question there, you'll get a better response.

05-05-09, 01:28 PM
What year/model are you looking to get?

05-05-09, 01:43 PM
I want a '94-'00 eldorado, a '94-'00 seville, or a '96-'00 Deville, because from my research those appear to be the models that have the 275hp N*. I prefer the slightly boxier look so I don't want newer than 2000, and they are priced higher than what I'm looking to spend right now anyways.

My ideal choice would be an eldorado. Truthfully I don't really know what the huge difference is supposed to be between a sev, dev, and eldorado, other than that the eldorado has a clearly different look to me and the deville's got the engine upgrade 2 years later than the others

09-30-10, 10:21 PM
hit me up..im in NY

11-26-10, 04:58 PM
Me too, looking for Caddy friends in NYC
I'm new to this car & caddy world

11-26-10, 05:53 PM
look for 2000-2002 eldorado or a 1998-2004 sls

the sts and the etc will have the other N* engine with 300hp a bit less torque (the other engine has 300 torque) ... and the final gear ratios are different too

best to go above 2000 since there is a higher chance of headgasket issues in the late 90's models ... (says the guy with a 99 deville :) )

01-09-11, 08:52 PM
I'm in NJ, 20 min from the GWB

02-03-11, 09:12 AM
Same here I'm located 20 minutes from the GWB. I think the Cadillac people from the NYC area should get together once in a while. Also, try to become involved with a local car club. I'm a member of the Cadillac Club of North Jersey, a club with over 200 cars registered in it. Check out our website www.cadillacclubnj.org for more info or PM me.

Mike Cascio

Tramaine Trotman
09-19-11, 07:00 PM
do you know any good northstar mechancs need my 2000 sls looked at