: New Audio Setup Lacks Bass

05-03-09, 12:33 AM
About a month ago I procured a 1985 Eldorado which included the Bose sound package, where each speaker had its own amplifier. Well, the amplifiers were failing or shorting out every few minutes because the front passenger audio would go out and I'd have to bang on it to return and the rear passenger audio would often make a loud buzz. I stopped by a PepBoys and picked up the only stereo they had in stock at the time, a Kenwood KDC-138 (not the greatest but I figured that listening to a low-end Kenwood would be better than being driven insane by buzzing/inconsistent audio.

I installed the Kenwood HU without too much difficulty and spent close to 12 hours pulling each speaker/amplifier enclosure from the doors and rear, removing the amps, and soldering the 2 +/- audio connections directly to the speakers. Everything functions fine (no more annoying noises), the only problem is that the sound is hollow and lacks bass. The old Bose setup, old and broken as it was had solid, thick audio, the air would reverberate with the sound of the bass. Now no matter what EQ settings I put on the headunit (bass +8 w/ bass boost crap on) I don't hear the bass vibrations, I only hear & feel the kicks & thuds.

I know almost nothing related to car audio but would I need a 4 channel amplifier or something? I don't need louder audio, I just would like to hear a little bass in the music. Keep in mind that the new HU is directly connected to each of the factory Bose speakers that came with the car (they had perfect sounding bass with the stock stereo & amplifiers).

Any advice, help, and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated :)

05-03-09, 09:29 AM
bose systems are made with matched components to sound the way they do. u said u took away all the amplifiers/boosters right? u will need to use the are modifie and add a small amplifier to power them to get the bettter bass response,a head unit will not do it alone.

05-03-09, 01:10 PM
You're going to need to change your speakers. Then again, so am I- my 98 STS has enough power, stock, to blow those wonderful pounding door speakers... You're right about Bose, it works great, when it works. I had an '89 Olds Touring Sedan with the Bose, and it did the same thing as your Caddy's doing now. I just left it and sold the car.

05-03-09, 01:44 PM
I agree that for what you're wanting you're best off to change the speakers. When you pulled the amps you lost a lot of your power, and when coupled with the loss of the factory HU that was tuned for those speakers I think you're better off putting something new in. Pioneer, Kenwood, Infinity, the list goes on and on as to what you could install, figure out what size your current speakers are start from there as to what you're able to put back in. If you want to drive the new speakers with an amp is up to you, personally I would hold off on that, get the new speakers in first and see how you like it, then look towards the amp for some additional punch if you want it.