: Post videos of your rwd cadillacs

05-02-09, 11:48 PM
here's a idea how about we get people to post videos of there RWD cadillacs.
you can use youtube to have your videos on, and put your link in for your video, and every thing should work out fine.
here is mine I well maybe have more videos up on it in the future.

YouTube - 1988 cadillac brougham D'elegance

enjoy. and let see your cadillacs.

05-03-09, 06:36 PM
i made a slideshow of mine. behold the power of boredom.

(those of you prone to seizures might not want to watch this)
Cadillac Slideshow Video by Lazarus J. Яooney (Illusions) - MySpace Video

05-03-09, 11:03 PM
Nothing too exciting, but a short video of my 1980 Coupe deVille's exhaust. Stock 368 (6.0L) 4bbl big block motor, single exhaust, with cat (gotta get rid of that...), and mild performance muffler. It's a quiet car so crank the volume to hear the rumble.

Excuse the snow. No, I do not drive this car in the winter. It has never seen a salty road, and is from Louisiana. I had to park it outside while its new garage was being constructed. Pictures of the new new "Cadillac Stable" coming soon! :D