: Need a drawing of front left subframe. 04 AWD V8

05-02-09, 08:56 PM
So my wife leaves on a 4 hour trip to pick up my 3 year old and I notice a hex under the car when she leaves, hmmm odd I think and go look.

Well it is the head off a large bolt that looks to attach the subframe to the body, head broke right off, that would explain the clunk for the last week or so.

I need to get it out of course but just want to get an idea of how much else needs to come off the drop that so I can get at what is left of the bolt, going to get under it Sunday afternoon so any help would be great.


05-02-09, 10:36 PM
Ok so did some looking on gmparsdirect and it is the engine cradle, it is the large bolt toward the back of the car bolting the curved part to the body.

This could be really lame, I would have to drop the whole thing it looks to get it out. I will have to try a hammer and punch and maybe weld another bolt to it.

Have a look under your cars boys, make sure your are not snapped.