: Getting ready to store - which car cover?

04-29-09, 11:04 PM
Well, Uncle sam is sending me to Europe for a year or 2 so I have made arangements to put the SRX in storage. We will be in a big city and I have seen how parked cars are treated over there so the SRX stays here.

She will be indoors and a friend will driver her occasionally to keep the juices flowing. I've looked at car covers and am seeing everything from $60 to $400. Do I need a high dollar unit? Will something cheap scratch the paint? Anyone have any suggestions?

c5 rv
04-30-09, 09:39 PM
I've bought three Covercraft Dustop covers for indoor storage of summer cars over the years. The Dustop is a good cover for:

- Indoor only storage
- Doesn't have to protect the car from kids bikes falling, etc.
- Easy to install, remove, and store.

Price with shipping was about $250 IIRC.

05-03-09, 07:43 AM
I too had a covercraft indoor cover and it worked very well. Never any damage or scratches, kept the dust off, quality cover. Make sure your friend knows the drill, do not ever cover the car if the car is wet, if it is started be sure to run it for at least 20 minutes, putting a cover on a dirty car is a recipe for scratches, etc.