View Full Version : looking for head gasket repair in tx

star light 01
04-29-09, 08:41 PM
im looking 4 someone to fix my 01 dhs new engine has less then 3k on it blow head gaskets,,,, the waranty people wont fix it said it is my fault.... live in dfw any takers please let me no asap gettig frustated and cant fix it my self

04-29-09, 10:33 PM
New engine and has blown HG's? It is NOT your fault, those warranty guys better pay....

Actually I can recommend a shop- North Texas Performance- speak with a man named Antonio Huerta, tell him Jake at Northstar Perfomance sent you, and tell him you want the Suregrip studs installed that I sell.

I'll see if I can find his number and post it.

04-29-09, 10:37 PM
I don't have a contact number handy right now, but here's the address:


He has installed one of my stud conversion kits before and done the HG's on a Caddy (I forget which year/model), but he has done one for sure that I know of and is a mechanic by trade, so he may be a good guy to get a quote from.

star light 01
05-01-09, 05:21 PM
im w/ u dont fill like its my fault.... i spoke w/ u a while back...the first motor these guys sent me had a crack the 2nd one was missing the head plugs (little hex plugs on the side bad oil leak.... now it got hot i pulled over took it to a shop the sent me to heads r blow my fault cause i got it hot... )who pulls over b4 it gets hot!!!!!!!!!!!! pure horse shit but they have my money and i have a blown motor... im relly bent out of shape on this one

05-02-09, 12:11 AM
Yes I remember you calling now.... sorry I get 10+ calls in a day...

This is bullshit. Rebuilding companies using inserts, saying they have 3 years+ warranty, and then telling you it's your fault the HG's are blown because it got hot.

Both of my daily driver Caddys have been in the red zone after I've done the HGs. Only once mind you, but both are still working great, no coolant loss, no overheating, WOT all I want and no problems.

Contact this guy if you get a chance about having the HGs done on your Caddy. I know you've spent a lot of dough on the car already, but get the studs installed and you'll be all set- just make sure they check the heads and block.