: i need some help

04-28-09, 10:19 AM
i need help to pick between a 2004 to 2007 cts-v and a cts-v 2008 or newer one??? i want to spend my iraq money on this type of car i just want to know what might be my best choise for the price... i want to do a lot of performance mods and push this car to its max but i want it to still be nice and tast full... that is why i picked this car.... so i wanted to post this on a caddy site hoping that all of you cadillac experts out there could help me pick the best one
so i thank you all that can help me....

04-28-09, 10:38 AM
Without a doubt - The V 2 is your best bet. There is no 08. The 09's have taken all the lessons from us and build a superior product. So the answer is simple. If you have the $'s buy the 09V, but if you buy the 06/07 or 04/05 you could spend tons to get it close to 09V. But then why go through all that. You can take our advise who have lived in MOD HELL. Take it for what is worth. I enjoy my 06 beast - But if I could I don't mind having the 09.

04-28-09, 10:48 AM
If you want to save yourself a lot of modding and just go for the gold get an 09 V. If you like the look of the first gen V better be prepaired to drop so cash as there is not a huge market for the car. Some stuff that was available is no longer so its just getting harder and harder to find stuff for the first gen without having something custom made. On a first gen be prepaired to spend in the 7 to 8k range for a rear end swap that could hold some power.

Hope you do end up buying a V either way you go. You will love it even though the first gen does have its down falls. It really is a great car and I dont plan on getting rid of my V anytime soon.

04-28-09, 01:53 PM
Save yourself while you still have the chance! :eek:

Get an 09.

04-29-09, 11:05 AM
09 all the way. Totally different car, I don't care what you have done to a V1 it isn't the same as the V2. I would get the V2 for the interior quality, transmission, rearend and suspension alone if the power was the same. But... bonus: it isn't!

Love my V but I would trade her in a second if I had the bones to step up.

BTW - thanks for your service. Happy shopping!

04-29-09, 12:44 PM
If someone were to ask me what he or she should get, I'd just say get the V2.

But, at this moment, if I were to be given a choice between having a V1 , thoroughly worked over (within the confines of reality and what is currently available), or a V2 to play with, I'd pick the V1. Yes, they are two totally different animals, but the animal of my choice would be the V1.

The V2 just seems to have become more of a boulevardier, which is, by no means, a bad thing. It's more refined, more matured, and more substantial (especially in heft), but can still rip you a new one. I'd definitely rock one to romp around in. And it's been polished up a bit to the point where it seems it'd be happy doing duty as either a civil transporter or a raging mad suicide bomber (I felt the V1 was always more happier being let loose as the latter).

But on the V2, other than to just coax out even more guffawing amounts of power, beyond that, whaddaya gonna do? My main goal would be to shed some weight on that pig, but then I might as well just start with the V1. I think you could readily get a V1 up to and beyond the performance levels of a V2. I think.

Yes, you'd obviously have to forgo the amenities of the V2, but for the purposes of a fun car, I'm cool with that. The V2 is the better all-around car. And that's why I'd readily recommend that, of the two, if someone else were to inquire.

So, really, you need both. A thoroughly worked-over V1 as the raw single-minded performance machine. A V2 as the bi-polar silky smooth cruiser / bomber missile.

04-29-09, 06:19 PM
If you want to build and play around with the car. Go with the V1. 04-07... SUPER FUN!!!

If your looking for a stocker with warranty.. go with the 09.

04-29-09, 07:34 PM
what might be my best choise for the price....
Do you know the price difference? You can get a nice first generation V for $20K (give or take). The 09 is over $60K.
Also, give us some more info of what your looking for.

Either way, the V is a FUN car. :yup:

04-30-09, 01:41 AM
Depends how much you like tinkering with your car I guess. As said before, I feel like there's not so much you can really do with a new V other than maybe a pulley swap or weight savings stuff. I mean don't get me wrong, that's all well and good, but who doesn't like bolting on a mod and feeling the extra power on a butt dyno during that first spin? Nothing beats that feeling especially if you did the work yourself (IE: maggie). Nothing against V2 owners, but if your a gearhead, go for the V1. A trip into MOD HELL never hurt anyone :devil:

04-30-09, 08:17 AM
I need to get a shirt made up that says, "I survived MOD HELL!"

04-30-09, 08:39 AM
Being a bit of a cheap SOB, I'd go with a low-mile '04/'05 for <$20k (you'd have to look to find one, but they're out there) and mod it with a SC, maybe headers, and those axles on the other thread. For less than half the cost of a V2, you'd have dang near the same performance.

That money you've got (or are going to get) represents having risked your life ... my advice would be to spend it wisely. :patriot:

04-30-09, 10:12 AM
Like others here said...

V1 ~ $20k <---- if you like mod hell or think you would, buy this and play :lildevil:
V2 ~ $60k <---- if you want don't want anything to do with mod hell and a want a car under warranty, buy this.

It's a toss up like everything else...do you want to spend your money here or there. If you have $60k to spend, you can spend it all on a new V, or you could spend $20k on a used V, $10k-$15k to make it badass, then have $25k-$30k leftover for the other goodies in life.