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04-26-09, 05:23 PM
Hello everyone,
I've just bought an 06 STS AWD V8, came here to poke around because I knew I want to swap in a mesh grille, then looked thru pictures and I am way excited because I see all sorts of mods that I want to add...love the scoop hoods, the side vents..wow this could get addictive....
anyone want to recommend anything, or share things I shouldn't do, etc would be welcome. They are freighting it here probably by the 13th or so, I'm already pacing in the driveway with glee. It took me a long time to shop and narrow what I wanted, so now that I'm set I'm really pumped. I'm a nurse, work long overnights and just wanted a nice grown up ride that I could have fun with and make my own. I bought Black Raven, it has a tan interior ...would've loved black on black but the deal was right and the miles are low, so I can live with the tan.
Thanks in advance for all your help and thanks so much for all of you who have posted pics, wow..great rides!!! The inspiration is super and I know I'd better sign up for some more overtime!!
another question...I'm in Upstate NY near Syracuse, really hard winters...any thoughts on snow tires, or would a radial with the all wheel be enough? I've always had front wheel drives before now......

04-26-09, 08:02 PM
I have an 08 STS AWD and I live in central Massachusetts. I had no issues with the stock tires.

No problems what soever.

04-26-09, 08:55 PM

Consider joining. This is a great site.

I have a black/black 2006 STS4 V8 1SG (loaded) including ACC/HUD. Very close to your car and I love it! The OEM tires are a bit hard, noisy and could be better on snow (IMHO). One the other hand, I plan to wear them out before changing...

1. I set MRC to Touring
2. Crank up the Bose
3. And the AWD makes quick work of slick roads!

There's a neat thread over on the CTS-V forum to get a build sheet and dealer service record for your car. Some people think it's risky to put your VIN on the Web but anyone can see it when looking at your car, anyway.

Have fun!

04-26-09, 10:14 PM
sounds like the same car with diff interior, I know it has the 1SC pack, doubting it includes ACC...quick question, did some looking for the mesh grilles, can't find them any less than $448 though someone here somewhere said they found one mid 300s...anyone have one they're going to change out and want to sell?
Also want to do a v hood/cowel style, found the composite web site in TX any other place to order one? Their page lists for CTS, but nothing about STS and didn't figure they'd be there to call on a sunday
I'd like to have the grille here when the car comes and be underway of getting the hood set too...kind of chomping at the bit here!!
I did go to the support page then to list my vin, be interesting to see. Hoping nothing too serious as it's only got 14k miles on it....