: still overheating need help...

star light 01
04-26-09, 04:03 PM
will ill give u the run down on the car... 2001 dhs devill i bought it at 120xxx
little did i no it had blown head gaskets... i have replaced every ting trying to fix it what am i missing
brand new remaned block
t stat 2x, radiator, temp switch, hoses, water pump, coolent sensor, preshure cap2x,
the new motor has less then 2k with a waranty but not if its neglagencs on my part, the warranty people had a 2nd look at the instail, its done right,
gets hot then cold hot then cold same thing it was doing w bad head gaskets (no way i could have blown hg, after 2k miles,

this is turning into a night mare any help would be great im lost and dont know what to do

04-26-09, 04:19 PM
Have the coolant tested for exhaust gases. A radiator shop usually is the best place for this. Make sure you have coolant in it for awhile because fresh coolant gives a false negative.

If it does not have exhaust gases then it is something else but test it and give the results.

04-26-09, 09:22 PM
Why did you replace the block? Who did the work? Was the block Timeserted?

star light 01
04-27-09, 04:07 PM
i replaced it cause it was goin to have a warranty, 3yr 100k now they say since i got it hot its my fault...i didn't keep driving on it i pulled over (as for the work a local shop did the install and the motor was for a manufacture from florda and shipped out of dallas tx.... (national auto parts) and im not sure if it was time sirted i was told there build had all the factory defects worked out replaced the raditor the 2nd time cause the 2nd opion shop told me it was leaking... but it wasant, park in my garage at night and same place at work and saw no signs of leakage) any ideas... the only thing i can think of is maybe the gauge is broken and its not really over heating just a thought only thing i haven't fix at least once yet