: RWD Cadillacs at Carlisle

04-26-09, 08:41 AM
I just got back from the Car corral at Carlisle. As I was considering buying a 90-96 Fleetwood I was very pleased with the selection and range of Fleetwoods for sale in very good shape and most with very low mileage. Unfortunately most of the early 90 cars had the 5.0 instead of the 5.7. I looked at 2 90's and a very nice 91. One of the 90's had 22,000 miles. Didn't see any with the trailer tow pkg. on them. It was also interesting talking to the owners about the history of cars.

I'll be back next year but it is well worth the trip if you are a caddy fan

04-26-09, 10:10 AM
So where are the pictures? :)


04-30-09, 10:45 PM
Yeah. Pictures?

05-02-09, 12:50 PM
Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera. Next year.