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04-24-09, 11:01 AM
I recently purchased an '07 SRX, 6 cyl. AWD w/36k on it. I like it, mileage is not very good but fun to drive. I've noticed a whine that seems to be coming from the transmission. Not too noticeable at cruising speeds but somewhat loud during acceleration/gear shifting. My dealer said that everything checks out as normal. Is this typical for this engine/transmission?
Thanks for your input.

Ricky J
04-28-09, 11:34 AM
My 2005 SRX has a Whine again. I had it repaired under warranty by Lima, Ohio Cadillac about 18 months ago, but the noise has returned.
In the repair, they replaced the leaking hoses and seals for the Power Steering, citing low fluid as the problem. Not sure about that, since it is making that terrible noise again, the fluild is full, and nothing seems to have leaked out.
I guess it could be the transmission, but the noise is louder with the hood up and increases with a higher idle speed.
I did not expect this trouble with a Cadillac.