: No sound from radio, Nav, bluetooth, turn signals.

04-24-09, 10:42 AM
I am experiencing an interminnent fault with my entire audio system. I have a 05 STS that muted in the middle of my drive last week. The screen shows the CD playing and navigation works but no sound. I even noticed that I don't hear the turn signal ticking. The settings menu doesn't allow me to change vehicle settings. It displays a "vehicle personalization system error". Before I could get it to the dealership it somehow began to work just fine for a few days but now it's out again. Does anybody have any idea what could cause this error?

04-25-09, 07:08 PM
If you're no longer under warranty, I'd suggest the reset procedure...

Remove both battery cables and touch them together. If it persists, there is a fault in the Nav unit. Dealers just replace with a depot rebuilt unit. I'd be interested in their price & if any warranty on the repair (30 days)?

I wouldn't be surprised to find some independent company working on Denso Nav/Radio units. But I haven't looked. I know there are people who rebuild other Caddillac/Bose head-ends (receiver/amp) and speakers.

Angus Young
04-25-09, 07:18 PM
Have your battery tested! I had issues with my NAV system and had to keep resetting it by disconnecting the battery, bought a new battery and havent had an issue since then.