View Full Version : Any Canadian V owners out there?

V for Vendetta
04-23-09, 11:57 PM
Just curious if you have the euro dash with km posted, and if so how can I get one? I LOVE the fact that it goes to 300! =P

04-24-09, 02:21 AM
I've seen it, kind of useless tho since you'll spend most time in the bottom 1/3rd. My car is an American import so i got up to 180kmh, and the digital keeps going.

04-24-09, 08:53 AM
My V also a 180 speedo US car.
My wife's Solstice goes to 260!!

04-24-09, 09:11 AM
I have a Canadian V and it's pretty useful when you get arrested for speeding... you just switch it to Miles/H instead of KM/hours and you tell the officer "ooops sorry I just came back from the States and forgot to switch it back to KM/H"

your maker
04-24-09, 10:11 AM
lol i have used that one many times Kimphamg