View Full Version : A/C delete pulley

04-23-09, 01:01 PM
Did a little search and didn't find anything about my question, so does anyone know of a A/C delete for a 96 Seville STS N*.

I have the lines and everything for the A/C and the compressor looks to be brand new. I don't have a condenser and trying to make this A/C work in my car is gonna just complicate things even more.

So I just want to take the compressor off and replace it either with a delete pulley or is there a short belt route?

04-23-09, 01:07 PM

Will this work. No auto parts stores had it and I just happen to notice it on rockauto.

Can't believe I didn't see this in my original search :bang2:

04-23-09, 10:14 PM
If there is a way to attach it I'm sure it would work.