: coolant leak

04-23-09, 12:56 PM
I'm new here and may be in the wrong forum. My 2003 DeVille has been losing coolant for some time now and after adding antifreeze I now see a small puddle near the pump housing on the left(driver's) side of the engine. Gasket failure or pump problem? Thanks for your help.

04-24-09, 12:19 PM
Okay, so none of you have any comment on this. I took my '03 DeVille to my local garage, not the ripster dealer, and for $450 they are replacing the water pump, belt, and a couple hoses. Hopefully that's the end of the problem. Why would a Northstar engine with 48000 miles develop a faulty water pump. I've had two DeVille's before this that I drove over 100000 miles without a problem.

04-27-09, 04:29 AM

Welcome to the forum, I have moved your thread to the appropriate area. Coolant loss at 48000 miles on a Northstar car is definitely suspicious, however the good news is that you do see an actual leak, and you don't mention any overheating or engine error codes. I would suspect the gasket before the pump itself.

There is plenty of more experienced techs here that should be able to help.