: 11.91 @ 122 MPH with w4m ecm

04-23-09, 01:07 AM
This is my first post. I've had my car for about 4 months now and have been to the drag strip a total of three times. Twice stock and once after I installed the wait4me ECM. I tried to post my time slips but since I'm a new member it wouldn't let me :mad:. Maybe I can post them later or get more senior member to post them.

My best pass with the new ECM was 11.918 @ 122.05 with a 1.894 60' time

My best time stock was 12.124 @ 116.02 with a 1.863 60' time

So, I picked up a solid .2 sec ET but more impress is the +6 MPH trap speed.

I know most people, like myself, will want to know all the details so I'll try to list everything I can think of.

My car is an automatic. The only other mod besides the w4m ECM is the air box mod which consists of cutting the bottom out of the stock air box.

Drag racing technique:
- Turn the climate control off, of course, to get the AC off and so you're not dripping water
- Stock tire pressure
- Hit TC twice to get into comp mode
- Suspension in "normal"
- Transmission in sport mode (stick to the right) and I did not shift manually, let the trans shift itself
- No burnout - Just dry spun the tires up to the staging line after driving around the water.
- I "rolled into" the gas. I'm guessing I was WOT about 30 ft out but the launch technique varied based on the amount of traction.

You'll notice from the time slips (if I could post them) that the runs were at two different tracks. Track conditions were very similar though - about 70 degrees at both and about the same traction, as noted by the 60' times. Actually the best 60' time I've ever had in this car was that stock pass - This was my very first pass in the car and it was opening day at Atlanta Dragway - I was about the third car to go down the track and traction was great - It didn't spin but the tires made that perfect chirp-chirp-chirp sound for about 30'. My guess with optimal traction (good luck at finding that) on the stock tires the car could run an 11.8 at least.

I know there's been some discussion about "just leave it in drive". Auto owners, in case you didn't realize it, this will case the car to start out in second gear - After the initial shift out of first anyway. So, I wouldn't even attempt a run not in sport mode. I didn't realize that until I was reading the owner's manual. You'll notice it on the street too.

Most runs were with the engine fairly cool and outside temp around 70 degrees. I did make one hot-lap pass with the new ECM and had worse traction but it was only down about 1 MPH trap speed which I was glad to see.

I've only made a total of 6 passes stock and only 3 with the ECM mod, 2 of those were with poor traction, so I'm sure there's more potential.

Dyno results on a DynoJet:
380 HP , 476.6 TQ stock - These stock number were made in January with outside temp in the mid 20s
507.2 HP, 484.4 TQ with w4m ECM - There is a slight "let off" spike at the end of this pull which might account for 5 HP so figure 502 "real" HP

04-24-09, 07:56 AM
Really? The stock HP is that low at 380 compared to after the ecm at 507? That is rear wheel HP right? What is in that W4M tune to bring it up so high? What is the Crank HP? you know? Thanks

04-24-09, 08:26 AM
Probably a typo as 480 is close to stock wheel numbers. Sounds like it is getting broken in after 4 months. Automatics leave the most on the table as far as tuning.

Intersting hardly any more time lost in ET, great one at that, looks trans is working like should! :)


04-24-09, 08:59 AM
Thanks for sharing and nice times!

It looks like W4M has a really nice product.

One question: Are you using the standard custom tune (mail order) or is this a full dyno tune?

Also, I know you can't answer this but I am wondering how similar the results would be on the 6M car due to the gearing differences (and anything else).

Thanks in advance.

04-24-09, 10:09 AM

Those are some great short times.

Thanks for the launching info.

Weather permitting, I am headed to the track Sat night to try out my new wait4me tune on my 09' Auto.

Mike c

04-24-09, 10:52 AM
Oops! Stock RWHP was 480 not 380 - Sorry! It was late when I was working on that post. I know +20 RWHP doesn't sound like much but the +6 MPH trap speed really says something. The stock vs w4m ecm dyno graphs are hard to compare - As I mentioned, when I made the stock pull the outside temp was around 20 degrees and not much warmer inside. There's definitely a nice increase "under the curve" between stock vs w4m ecm. Also, once the car heated up the stock RWHP dropped to 461 HP. I did make two back-to-back pulls with the new ecm and RWHP stayed at 507 both times but I can't say the engine was completely warmed up on that second pull.

04-24-09, 10:56 AM
Here's the time slips:

w4m ecm:


04-24-09, 10:59 AM
awesome times!

04-24-09, 11:08 AM
It looks like W4M has a really nice product.

Who or what is W4M?

04-24-09, 12:39 PM
magnetic ride control in "sport" or "touring" mode?

04-24-09, 12:50 PM
silly question but how do u adjust magnetic ride control?


04-24-09, 12:55 PM
not too silly, that owners manual is thick. button on center dash that looks like a shock. push it to switch between the 2 modes. page 4-8 and 4-9. i am wondering what "suspension in normal" means

04-24-09, 02:02 PM
Magnetic ride control was set to "touring" mode. My second trip to the strip stock I tried the "sport" setting but didn't notice any difference. I heard the car might "squat" more in the firm/sport setting but didn't seem like it to me.

04-24-09, 02:26 PM
I'll try to answer the questions asked:

- w4m is wait4me - Jessie at wait4me performance.

- I'm using the ecm replacement from wait4me. Not the hand held flash device. No custom turning was done on the dyno - Just the ecm swap. So the trans software hasn't been flashed - still stock. Since I let the trans shift itself it was still shifting at the normal/stock RPM, 5800 I think. To take advantage of the now raised rev limiter I would need to either flash the trans software or try shifting with the buttons - Might try that later.

04-24-09, 03:53 PM
Nice numbers!

Now get the W4M trans tune and lower them even farther.

04-24-09, 06:43 PM
i figured you had the trans as well... that is really impressive just for a tune on the first couple of runs...

04-25-09, 06:01 PM
Nice,... kinda amusing, some of the guys over on the C63 boards just ain't believin' this. Slips don't lie! Nice job!

04-25-09, 07:56 PM
Nice,... kinda amusing, some of the guys over on the C63 boards just ain't believin' this. Slips don't lie! Nice job!

Seattle CTS-V
04-25-09, 10:46 PM
Nice,... kinda amusing, some of the guys over on the C63 boards just ain't believin' this. Slips don't lie! Nice job!

1/2 those guys have their noses stuck so far up MB's ass they can't be objective anymore. REALLY turned me off purchasing a MB product b/c I'd never want a guy in a (faster) CTS-V pulling up next to me and thinking I was one of those asses.