: Will a CTS-V MESH grille fit an 05 STS?

04-21-09, 11:34 PM
Will a CTS-V mesh grille fit my 05 STS?

Thanks guys!

04-22-09, 01:50 AM
no two different sizes n shapes

04-22-09, 06:27 AM
Check with Luke (Lindsay Cadillac Parts) on pricing for an STS grille that will fit your car.
As noted the CTS grille is a very different shape and they are not interchangeable.

04-22-09, 09:36 AM
Yes it will............with a lot of modification.

04-25-09, 11:47 PM
Yes, you can teach a dog to talk. If you start early enough (gentically speaking).

04-26-09, 11:59 AM
I don't think you could make it look right. The proportions of the STS and CTS are too different. CTS-V grill would look too small...