: Race day mods?

07-11-04, 09:19 PM
I tought of some sort of cheap "mod" for the N* engine to get most power out of the engine to free up a couple of HP and i would like your opinion.

Mod #1 bypass the air conditioning compressor.
To have max power when racing you obviously turn the A/C off. So i tought if you put a shorter belt I should gain a couple of HP. Even if the compressor clutch is spinning freely it still is a rotating mass to be spun by the belt.

So i tought why not remove the whole belt!

Mod #2 simply remove the freakin belt LOL
This is inspired by a "power pulley" and a Z24 site. Smaller pulley = less drag because the accessories are driven slower. I found a Z24 site that suggested "slacking up the belt", so the belt will slip a bit and not use as much horsepower. On a V6 Z24 the belt is tighten by the alternator or something like that. Belt is loose then you loosen up the bolt and tighten it again. But on the N* there is a spring loaded tensioner. The engine should be able to run for 1/4 mile on the power of the battery. The only problem is the power steering...

They might be some stupid mods but It could be fun to see how much HP we could gain LOL

07-11-04, 09:44 PM
what about the water pump? i can't imaging a full throttle blast, and then back to the pit w/o any coolant flowing...

i don't know how you'd set the belt to where it'd slip anyhow.

now then... I've heard that you can install a toggle in the field line in the alternator. when the alt kicks on, it sucks quite a bit of power. so have a toggle to turn it off. you turn the car off, turn the toggle off, then crank the car- bam, no alt. I'm think i'm gonna do this one actually.

power steering also sucks power. just keep it straight down the track... if you have to correct that- heaven forbid- torque steer....

smaller tires, i assume would benefit the N* to improve to 60ft time...

just my 2 cents. have no idea if anything i mentioned is a good idea or worthwhile. probably not.

07-11-04, 10:02 PM
Water pump is on the other side of the block on a seperate belt ;) so this is not an issue. But i defenitivly want my power steering!!! The Alternator switch is a nice one indeed. Probebly just a relay on the + of the alternator connected to a switch inside. Flick it and BAM alternator is out of service LOL. But i wont go there

Ive lost control once in my Sunbird due to engine failure. Everything shuted down at 70 mph in a curve. Not power brake, no power steering. And a sunbird is NOT a big car!

07-11-04, 10:11 PM
oops, not familiar with N*s!