: On the issue of timing chains

04-21-09, 09:39 AM
On the issue of timing chains. I have an 04 SRX 3.6 with 60k miles. It seems on any cold starts that there is a brief 4-7 seconds noise in the front of the motor. I think it is a lose timing chain assembly or part. After that time it goes away and sounds very normal. Your thoughts?

04-21-09, 01:44 PM
I had a 1997 nissan altima (great car by the way) that had about the nosiest timing chain you can imagine but that engine was bulletproof (KADE4). there have been some reports of the t-chain on the srx having some defects and stretching sometimes (could be a big problem) I would search high and wide that your chain was replaced under warranty (if you bot used) but if not I would make a trip to the deler and try to find a TSB that describes this as a common problem. If your chain slips it could create a serious problem for the engine. That being said, it maybe normal as well (the noise) and I believe that some minimal stretching is within GM guidelines. Better safe than sorry here, but engines losen up as they age and noises tend to creep out of places that never had them before. Good luck