: Rear window regulator

04-20-09, 10:36 PM
I finally got motivated to fix my left-rear window.

After eight years of not using the window, because I knew at least one of the regulator slide clips was broken, I hit the rear window switch by mistake the other day. Now I can't get the window rigged to stay up at all. After a day of window plastic, 100-mile-an-hour tape, and my wife using the term "Hoopty" more than once, I am compelled to fix the darn thing.

I've got the door panel off. I drilled out the rivet on the right end of the top regulator slide to remove the old, broken, plastic clips. Both clips were broken in half. Everything else seems to work fine, motor, regulator, etc.

My quest is where can I find the plastic clips. It was late today, so I only had access to the local Advanced Auto. I checked the "DoorMan" parts catalog, but the only window part they list is the motor assembly.

Any ideas? Tomorrow I go to the local dealer to see what they may have.

I'm taking some pictures of the panel removal process if anyone is interested.


04-20-09, 10:42 PM
Stan, what year is it? You don't have to drill anything to fix it...

04-21-09, 12:55 AM

'94 Fltwd (Std)
'94 Fltwd Brougham

So, I'm do'n it the hard way, eh?

I couldn't get old clips out of the top slider rail. Maybe I just wasn't trying hard enough, but it seemd to me they were set into the rail. With a rivet at the end of the run, I just drilled it out and I could slide the broken plastic pieces out by straightening the slightly crimped rail end. I can easily reinstall a pop rivet to secure the rail.

thanks for any advice.


04-21-09, 12:13 PM
The easiest way is to use a big screwdriver and pry open the end of the track where it is crimped down. Then, you can slide the broken parts out. The replacement rollers are round instead of oval, so they don't have weak spot to break.

GM PN for the good ones is 9666748.

You can now get them from the aftermarket, as well. Dorman makes them. You should be able to get them at any parts place. Ask at the counter if they don't have them in the HELP! section.

To install the new rollers, you just slide them back in the track where you opened the end (you don't need to crimp it back after you are done). Take the tab for the window and hold it on the opening in the roller. You will need to hold the window sort of half way up while you do your work. I use a towel over the top of the window frame, then use duct tape over the top to hold up the window. Use a small C clamp or Vise Grips to press the roller on the tab. I find it easier with Vise Grips. Give the channel a spray of white grease. Run the window up and down a few times to lube it well.

04-22-09, 09:49 PM
Cool, thanks for the great advise.

I guess I went a little over board by removing the rivet. I used a small die grinder to remove the crimped edges at the end of the track (right side only). I figured the new rivet will stick out enough to block the track. I'll use a small washer or two to shim the rivet head out into the track run for a secure stop.

The dealer had no replacement guide clips listed in the parts DB. They only had the entire regulator for a neat price of $560. I didn't ask if it was still available. :cookoo:

Thanks, so much. I'm surprised I didn't see this in their catalog (Dorman). Their web site has this part list for the Cadillac Fltwd.


04-22-09, 10:11 PM

I found it at AdvanceAuto, :woohoo:

Dorman Window Regulator Roller
Part No. 74444

04-23-09, 09:05 AM
Glad to help! BTW, you don't have to put shims on the rivet. The way the mechanism works is that it doesn't need a stop. I think they just crimped the ends to keep everything together on the production line...

04-23-09, 03:19 PM
Good point. I guess the register "rack" gear will stop the action.

09-09-09, 06:54 PM
This seems to be the most recent post for this issue, so I thought I'd let everyone know I completed a repair of the passenger front window slider (front).

Went to roll down up the window Friday, and the front slider broke. I pushed the front up with my hand and bumped it closed with the switch. Thanks to this site i found the parts and repair technique. Much appreciated.

I was going to show pics, but I don't have enough posts on this site yet. Edit - I uploaded a few pics onto my Album site here. Click the image icon next to the avatar above.