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04-20-09, 03:28 AM
Just wanting input on the SRX, never been inside of one. Wondering if it's as good as my CTS-V. :D Thinking of trading in the wife's jetta for an 07 SRX fully loaded, gotta have more room in the back for the baby :yup:. We have been looking at them online and haven't had a chance to go test drive one yet. Thanks for any info.

04-20-09, 06:14 AM
The SRX is known as an SUV (crossover) that handles as well or better than many so called sports sedans. It will not be as agile or fast as your CTS-V but, it's performance with the Northstar V8 is impressive when compared to similar vehicles. The V6 isn't as strong but is considered to provide adequate performance by most owners. The SRX with either engine is not known for great fuel economy.
With the optional third row seat, you do gain some passenger space for the little ones but storage space is compromised when in use. With the rear seats folded down you will enjoy the long (although somewhat narrow) cargo area for carrying larger items.
In order to properly evaluate the SRX, you do need to get up close and personal with it. Once you do, I think that you will be impressed with its performance and comfort.

04-20-09, 11:48 AM
Thanks, the one we are looking at is the V8 AWD one. Will let ya'll know what I think of it Tuesday. Going up there to drive it and check it out.

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04-21-09, 12:58 PM
I feel the V6 RWD and V8 AWD have sufficient power. The V6 AWD is underpowered. I find the 5 passenger configuration with the storage management system to be the most useful for us. As jdavis stated, the rear cargo area is narrow - just the space between the wheel wells. Most sedans let you use the are behind the wheel wells.

04-21-09, 04:46 PM
I bought a loaded 07 AWD N*, and I think its fantastic. Its a fantastic highway cruiser and even on curvy roads handles really well. I like a sportier somewhat stiffer ride so I opted for the 20" wheel sport package. Mileage is ok for the size and the fact that its an AWD V8. I use 89 octane and avg 21 mpg on the highway. City driving can be bad unless your easy on the throttle. The rear cargo seems tight, but I can stack three large suitcases next to each other vertically. The 3rd row seats are not for adults, but very handy for kids. In a bind though, you can fit adults back there for short rides. Oh yea, the factory brake rotors and pads are garbage. I upgraded mine to ceramic pads and rustless sport rotors, braking is much improved and I seem to be getting much better life out of them. Good Luck

04-21-09, 10:20 PM
Just curious, what brand pads and sport rotors did you upgrade to ? Where did you purchase them from ? Thanks.

04-22-09, 10:43 PM
Test drove the SRX. Totally a wonderful vehicle. Smooth ride, enough room for what we are looking for. Now just doing the salesman games in wheeling and dealing on price and trade in.

04-24-09, 10:55 AM
MY AWD V6 has amazing launching power for the weight of car and size of motor, geared well and uses regular gas.

Car mag. said it also balances the car closer to a 50/50 weight distribution for the corners.

F.Y.I. & J.M.O.

04-25-09, 11:08 AM
Well, today we will be picking up our srx. We went with a silver 08 srx with low miles. No nav or sport package but we can deal with that, theres always ebay. hahaha

04-25-09, 03:52 PM
Jguzma, congratulations on your new SRX. You won't be sorry. It's a great vehicle.


04-25-09, 04:18 PM
Very good jguzma! I am certain that you and your family will enjoy many happy miles in the SRX. Mine is an '08 also and it has been a pleasure to own and drive. I do wish that it was a bit wider so that I could stow my golf clubs sideways rather than forward to back:lol:

04-25-09, 07:18 PM
Thanks!! We love the vehicle. Yeah, wish the back was wider. But the golf clubs stays in the trunk of the V!! Hahaha

04-25-09, 07:49 PM
Congrat JG!!! The second row seat will adjust forward 3 or 4 inches. You can get your golf
bag in long ways if you take your driver out. My first SRX was silver, it was by far the easiest
to keep clean. Enjoy!