: Will GM Cadillac Certified Warranty I bought in 06 be honored if bankrupt?

04-19-09, 11:19 AM
Will GM Cadillac Certified Warranty I bought in 06 be honored if bankrupt? It is the 6 year 100,000 that dealers sell. If there is another thread here or anywhere please provide link. Thanks

04-22-09, 03:02 PM
If GM is bankrupt they will cease to operate and will have no resources to do much of anything. Obama claims that the federal government will pick up the slack so you'll take your car to the IRS to get it fixed.

The Tony Show
04-23-09, 09:48 AM
The warranty would only be void if GM went out of business (which is different than bankruptcy), and the Government did not follow through on their pledge to back the warranties. Even after Oldsmobile ceased to exist, people's warranty claims were honored at other Dealerships.

Chances are that GM will go into a "pre-packaged" bankruptcy that will only last days or weeks, after which Cadillac and Chevy will continue to operate as normal (including warranties). Since the Governments of Canada and the US have already arranged over $40B in DIP financing to sustain the company while Cadillac and Chevy are split off from the "bad" parts of GM, I wouldn't worry about it.

05-31-09, 06:42 AM
Excuse my bad english...

I bought my STS April 2009, that car was built 2006, warranty in Germany started October 2008 and should last for three years (or 100.000 km).

Some weeks ago the european GM-importeur went into bankrupty. From that time on no one knows how warranty will be managed in future. Cadillac owners now have to pay even for warranty works and it is not sure when and even if they will get their money back. In Germany it is difficult now to get parts for Cadillac.

Who can tell me when and how I will get normal warranty for my car again?

I am quite sure that GM can not sell any new Cadillac in Europe as long as there are problems with warranty!