: 24's rubbing on front???

04-19-09, 10:51 AM
Ok so I got my 24's put on and I am glad I just had 'em mounted / balanced and did the actuall install myself because I did not even get out of my driveway after putting 'em on because they were rubbing like crazy on the edge of the front bumper and the wheel-well covers!!
Wow, do all of you with 24's have this problem?? I actually had to cut off the bottom edge of the bumper on both sides and the cut a big chunk of the wheel well covers too so now it does not rub at all on them and I can finally *almost* make a full turn! Yay!

I got some 315-35-24 tires on their btw, and I really like how they look compared to 305's like I use to having on my other truck. 315's look bada**!! I will be taking some pics shortly... :thumbsup:

04-22-09, 01:08 PM
Did you ever take pics of the 315/35/24 tires on your lade?

04-23-09, 02:13 AM
Hey not yet - been so busy detailing it both inside and outside - it has just been sitting in the garage the past few days. Oh I also tinted the windows 5% black on all besides the front driver and passenger side which is 35% and I really like the way it came out. As you might know, IL weather is very seldom what they forecast but we are suppose to be getting some nice days ahead and I will go take some pics and post it on here within the next few days :)

04-23-09, 08:59 AM
Supposed to be 80 Friday and Saturday up this end. I am gonna get her waxed Friday. Maybe get down to Wrigleyville...

04-23-09, 02:53 PM
I plan on waxing mine this weekend too. I did my windows and door panels the other day, got the carpets and leather left, I am gonna try the magic eraser method I think, Big ride, takes me some time to get r done, I got a blown discs in my cervical and thoratic so I gotta space everything out, blah!

Them 315's probably look sick though!!!

I have 305's and if I do a FULL wheel crank I get rubbing as well. ONLY if I do a full full wheel turn, I think most of what was rubbing has worn off already.

04-23-09, 03:37 PM
315's sound huge, probably are which is why there's rub on the front bumper. I got 305's on my 24"s and only had to cut the inner wheel well. I'm sure you get a better ride than I do though!

04-24-09, 02:57 PM
Yeah it rides very well and is better than I thought it would be. The 315's handle the turns a whole lot better too. Well, I finally had some time to take a quick pic of it! Hope you guys like it as much as I do hehe.


I plan to take more pics maybe over the weekend... hmmm, I never really posted a full pic so I will probably do that too.