: Tranny help

04-18-09, 06:50 PM
Had my tranny rebuilt about 2 months ago and its not right.
I am bringing it back next week, as they said they would do whatever needs to be done to repair it.

I am just not certain the exact terminology I should use to describe whats wrong.

1) When I start the vehicle at certain times, the car sort of slighly lunges forward.......is that the proper way to describe....??

2) Shifting between Park to Drive and then to Reverse it very hard.

3) Downshifting from 3rd to 2nd is very harsh, and then 2nd to 1st is almost as bad.

4) At times, the tranny comes out of gear when high throttle between 3rd.
Sort of like a surge/spike?

Is that the way these things should be described??

When I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago to the owner, he said they put some sort of kit in it, and maybe thats why its shifting harsh. Said they would again clean out the screens???
If it does not work, then they would remove something that would make it shift better. I am concerning that by eliminating anything that should be there will only contribute to a quicker problem returning.

So I am not crazy......:banghead: don't your transmissions shift very quietly? When you shift between gears, isn't it also quiet?

I do not recall the previous transmission having any issues with hard shifting at all. It was quiet like I would expect a caddy to be. If I am wrong, please correct me before I make a fool of myself when I bring it back to the shop.

Thanks guys as always.
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If it has tits or tires, it needs to be serviced.:sneaky:

Rick Horan
12-22-09, 07:41 AM
what was the outcome of this problem? i have a similar situation going on.