: Another Head light fog question

04-18-09, 04:11 PM
Hey guys:
Listen, I know the procedure all to well now about how to clean the fogging front head light lenses.

HOWEVER :rant2:
I have HID lamps. When I go to remove the headlamps. there are two wires attached. One has a rather large harness which easily comes off. However, there is another single thick wire which goes through the back of the lamp, and goes directly to the HID bulb. The other end seems to come from a ballast.
My question is this....
1) How can you remove the lamp without being able to remove this wire???

2) Then assuming I get help here with that issue, you REMOVE ALL THE BULBS from the entire headlamp right.....FIVE OF THEM including the HID bulb.
Is that correct???????

Then put the fluid in......but then I am not certain where you allow it to drain??
Do you leave them off for a day or so to dry before putting them back together???

Thanks for the help guys....I know sometimes my questions can be rather elementary.......but it is what it is lol

thanks again

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If it has tits or tires it needs to be serviced. :alchi:

04-18-09, 09:06 PM
Just pull the bulb out a bit..no need to pull them all the way out.You're just going to put a small amount of water in there and swirl it around over your head.Maybe a half cup of water mixed with a cap full of rubbing alcohol.

I wouldn't get the reflectors wet.Just pour the water in one of the empty bulb holes and hold the headlight above your head and swirl the water around...then let it drain out the wiring connection corner.

04-18-09, 09:26 PM
Thats just the problem....
you CAN'T lift it above your head. The wire for the HID goes through the back out the unit, goes then to the HID bulb. There is no way to just simply disconnect the wire to even be able to hold it above your head. There is maybe a foot of extra wire, just about enough to remove the headlight unit from the car, thats it.
The other end of that same wire looks like it is coonected to a ballast.
Now do see what I mean???

There is no way to simply disconnect that wire to allow the headlight to be totally free from the truck.
ANY HELP????:hmm:

04-18-09, 11:49 PM
If there's no other way you could cut the wire. When you get ready to reinstall solder the wires back together and cover the connection with heat shrink tubing for a water tight finish. If you're not good with a soldering gun you could always use a butt connector and heat shrink tubing over the connector. Just my .02

04-19-09, 07:08 AM
I haven't done that procedure of cleaning my headlights but I have an 04' with HID ballast and i've disconnected my headlights off of my lade without cutting any wires when i cleared my lights..The left side simply pull the wire off the hid ballast and the headlight should come off and the right side you have to take the hid ballast along with the light..real easy to do..

04-19-09, 09:47 AM
Thank you.
So then I can ssume then that the wire connected to the left unplugs from the ballast because it comes from the right side...thus two wires on the right side???

Once I get the off, do I remove all the bulbs, or simply just one just to add the water? Then where do you allow it to drain???
I know..............what a dummy....:cookoo:

04-19-09, 12:53 PM
Yes, The plug comes off of the ballast on the leftside along with the light so you can take off just the headligt, but the right headlight you cant take off the ballast its connected with it so just uplugg the ballast from the harness that connected to your lade and you should be able to take it in your house and do the necessery..Also the way i cleaned my headlight is when i took off the amber reflectors in it (since it was split opened already). Warm wet paper towel and dryed it off with a dry one and it was clean unfogged as new!

04-19-09, 02:02 PM
Hey DD:
Just so I am 100% clear. I can now take them totally out, thats cool.
Are you saying to remove all the bulbs or just the Amber one? Then pour liquid in through the amber socket?? Where do you then drain it??

Also, another thought. There are a bunch of threads on here with regard to headlight fogging. Perhaps someone could do a "headlight fog cleaning for dummies" and make it a sticky.

Someone with a digital camera that could upload pics within the thread would prove VERY helpful to me as well as a boat load of others I would imagine.

04-19-09, 05:04 PM
You mean to tell me you could not manage to notice the harness unplugs from the ballast.

Maybe you should not be doing this.

04-19-09, 06:53 PM
I believe at last check my vision was indeed pretty decent. If I look real hard and really try to focus, I believe I can make out what I believe may be called a harness, but may need verification by pictures and hand diagrams.

If I really was looking for a smart answer I would have done a much better set up believe me.

My concern if you would have read and maybe understood the question was more related to the wire that DOES NOT DISCONNECT.

Looks like I will need to keep a very careful watch on your threads for anything that doesn't make sense, maybe correct some spelling or grammer, or even rate it based on adult IQ.....

Perhaps you would have been better served by actually attempting to answer the question.
THANKS for the wonderful reply............looking forward to the next. Don't quit your day job..... :rant2:

04-19-09, 11:28 PM
Sorry If i got you confuse OLDWORLD but i sed i never done that procedure by putting water in my headlight, When i say clearing my headlight I meant taking out the amber reflector and making my headlight clear..like clear housing with no amber reflector...so i wouldnt know if you would need to take off the bulbs or anything because i myself have not done that...But if you search for How To's on unfogging the headlights im pretty sure you'll find something bout it..

04-20-09, 08:55 AM
Take the grille off.It is one bolt and it up and set aside.You will see a silerish looking box with a wire harness going to it.That is the ballast that fires the HIBs you are having trouble with.It has a plug on one end.The ballast itself is held on the truck by a plastic clip.It is just pressure fit.Pull the clip up slighlty and it will give better access to the wire harness plug.Unplug it and the headlight will come off the truck.Obviously you figured out the metal pins that hold the light housing to the truck.

Pull all the bulbs out of the holes.The HID one will have a large metal box and that will be a real bear to remove.Pull the clip that holds it in place but don't unplug it or remove it.You just want it out of the way to avoid getting water on it.

Pour about a half-cup or so of warm water with a capful of rubbing alcohol in one of the empty bulb holes and keep the headlight flat.Lift it above your head and slowly swirl the water around.You basically want to just get the headlight lense wet and avoid getting the reflectors(chrome) wet.Let the water drain out of the main wiring harness.I know it sounds funny but the water will drain right out of that corner and not get anything else wet.

I sat my lights in the sun for awhile to get the all dry.The object of swirling the water around is to avoid water spots on the lense.A small amount will dry up in the sun.

Once you do it you will understand it is easy but there are things to avoid to make the outcome better.

Nothing special to putting it back together.

04-21-09, 01:49 PM
Shore.............THANK YOU FOR THE DIRECTIONS....they were right on.
Did it Sunday night, let them dry out till this morning, and they look like new.

ROLEX................headlight fogging direction may also prove to be a great sticky as well.
Shore gave great directions, and I am sure others would benefit form these directions.

04-22-09, 03:11 PM
I'm going to start chargin people locally $50 or so to do this.100% of them do this and they all think the outside lense is what needs cleaning....knowledge=$$$$$

04-23-09, 05:30 PM
TIP: If you have hard water, those water spots may actually dry with a calcium mark on the lense. I spoke with the guy who cleans our windows, and he suggested adding a slight amount of white vinegar to your water and that will remove the calcium so you won't get the stains.

04-23-09, 06:32 PM
That's why you use the rubbing alcohol.It makes the water inside sheet off.

I did use filtered fridge water though...lol.

04-23-09, 08:36 PM
Maybe so, but he said not to use the alcohol on plastic....safer to use the white vinegar.
He also said to use straight distilled water as well and that would work. The vinegar just makes it alittle more effective.

Everyone here seems to have used the alcohol with no problems. That was just his view as he's been cleaning glass and plexiglass for 18 years now.

Anyway, my lenses came out like new, so I am very glad I did it. I am also sort of a clean a holic, so those fogged lights really almost made me lose sleep...lol.....well almost

03-20-14, 06:25 PM
After wet sanding and buffing the exterior with no results really, I attempted this method. At first, just warm distilled water, but could still see the film. Drained, and repeated, but added a capful of alcohol. Drain, repeat, this time, with distilled water, and a little bit of windex. Drained, and now letting them dry, but doesn't look like this method helped much. I can still see a little film (clear) not yellow, but film none the less in some spots. They may look better after drying, but for now, seems like I've wasted an hour of my life...

Also, I didn't have a ballast (non hid), so removal was clear cut and simple. If I still can't see results after they dry, I'm going aftermarket...

Also, since my version is ballast free, what type of bulbs are the best? I want a radiant white look, not the cheesy looking blue... any suggestions?

03-20-14, 07:34 PM
Was thinking about ordering these, but instead of black housing (which would look super sick on a blk lade), the chrome housing instead...

Anyone running these? If so, how do you like them?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/EURO-BLK-DRL-HALO-LED-PROJECTOR-HEAD-LIGHTS-SIGNAL-AMBER-02-06-CADILLAC-ESCALADE-/191105891365?_trksid=p3284.m263&_trkparms=algo%3DSI%26its%3DI%26itu%3DUCI%252BUA%2 52BFICS%26otn%3D21%26pmod%3D351023370664%26ps%3D54

the cadillac man
03-20-14, 09:53 PM
I don't have projection headlights on my truck but I do have them on my car and LOVE them

I don't like the glare they produce but man the light path is awesome nothing but smooth light from one side of the road to the other

Super sharp cut off prefect for hid or led bulbs

Go for it I think you will enjoy them
I plan on changing my truck to projection as my passenger side housing is showing uv damage( going to try turtle wax polish first)

03-24-14, 01:38 PM
Sucks I can't find any reviews on these, but I'm moments away from pulling the trigger on these babies:


Any last words from anyone??

the cadillac man
03-24-14, 03:34 PM
Sucks I can't find any reviews on these, but I'm moments away from pulling the trigger on these babies: http://www.sparktecmotorsports.com/2lhp-ecld02-rs.html?utm_source=googlepepla&utm_medium=adwords&id=20861070197&utm_content=pla Any last words from anyone??

I would pull the trigger and see if they make me happy if I was you

I did like how the housings did I put in my car