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04-18-09, 09:32 AM
I've never owned a Caddy before, but wanted something with a little more luxury than my 05 Nissan Titan. I still needed the ability to tow a 22' travel trailer, and for the money, the Escalade just seemed to be the logical choice.

With that said, I'm having a few problems.

There is no nav disk and the dealer seems unable to help me. It seems to me that there must be a great incentive to the dealer to pull the Nav disk so that GM can sell you a replacement. Is there a better source than GM or NavTec for finding a used NAV disk, and what do I need to know and look out for when I'm shopping? It seems like a lot of people are ending up stuck with the wrong disk. I've got a portable GPS from my Titan, but I'd sure like to be able to use the built in NAV. I can't believe a Caddy had an integrated nav system that had disk based map data..

Also, the OEM wireless headsets for the DVD were not included. I'm looking for the Panasonic manual ( part # 15233650) but can't find it online. Any suggestions?

Finally, no mats. I'd like nice mats that have the Cadillac logo embroidered - but the prices I'm finding online are in the area of $500 for the two front, a one piece 2nd row, and a one piece 3rd row.

I'm a BMW guy, and I buy most of my aftermarket and OEM replacement parts from Bavarian Autosports. Is there a leader in the Caddilac market for sanely priced, high quality, OEM replacement parts and upgrades? It seems like the "bling factor" has drawn a lot of opportunists to the Escalade market who are making $1500 fake gold plated grilles with purple neon effects and such. I'm not going to be putting 24" dubs on my Caddy any time soon. I'm looking for a vendor catering to balding, middle aged white guys, not wannabe gangstas and rappers.

04-18-09, 09:38 AM
You can get a new NAV disk at the GM NAV Disc web site (https://www.gmnavdisc.com/overview.do). They are expensive however. You will need you VIN# at the web site to insure they give you the right part number.

As far as mats go, here is a picture of mine.
They are Lloyd Mats, and they too are not cheap.
You get what you pay for.



The wireless headphones can be found on EBAY.

04-18-09, 10:26 AM

Auto Pride is a vendor here that sells custom floor mats. He's offering free shipping right now too.

Did you try GMPartsdirect.com for the head sets?

04-19-09, 12:46 AM
I bought Weathertech mats. I think I paid about $315 shipped for the front rows, middle, 3rd and cargo area. Very nice mats

04-19-09, 09:56 AM
You can find the disc and the headsets on E-bay.....there are many. Just look for a vendor thats been in business for more than 5 minutes, and one who has many (meaning hundreds to thousands) positive marks for sales....99% plus. That would sound like a good honest vendor. Plus, since you are paying with a credit card, you are 100% protected anyway.

I have seen the mats with the vendor listed as Rolex suggested. and they seem VERY NICE for the price. Plus free shipping. I will be ordering a pair in a couple of weeks for myself.

04-19-09, 10:00 AM
BTW...I remember reading a post on here within the last month or so about a guy who was "burning" copies of that nav disc. He was offering them pretty cheap. Rolex might have that link in mind. Seems to be the grand wizard on here, or at least he sits on the board lol
I would burn a copy of mine for you, but not certain how.

If my memory is correct the person I had in mind was an actual dealer who makes many copies, so this missing nav disc seems to be a very large issue.

04-19-09, 01:59 PM
I need a burnt copy of the newest dics for my 03 navi.

I still version 1, blah !

please PM me with that info if they are available!

04-19-09, 04:14 PM
www.gmotors.com is a dealership in gainesville that sells oem parts at a discount over the web. I've bought a bunch of stuff through them with no problems.

04-20-09, 10:45 AM

Yeah, for what I've heard about the Nav system, for the price of a disk, sticking with my Nuvi widescreen portable GPS seems like a better idea than paying $200 just for a disk to make what should be included work. I'm not even after the latest 2009 disk - I'd be happy with the 2006 or 2007 disk it should have come with. The GPS companies should be basically giving away the hardware, because they sure hold you over the coals on map-data upgrades. Wonder how long it will take the public to get sick of that game.

I didn't want to suggest more than that - because I thought I read somewhere that there were some forum rules about this kind of stuff... I've looked through the torrents, and the torrents were bare, though. Maybe someone will PM me.

Anyhow, on to the rest. I suppose I am going to have to just bite the bullet and pay retail for the floormats.

So, an additional question. I had heard that the Panasonic broadcasts on FM. I went through the dial manually, with a movie playing, and couldn't find it broadcast on any FM frequency. Is it possible that the FM broadcast is turned off, disabled, or not actually a feature on the Panasonic OEM DVD player I have in my Escalade? Reason I ask is that I also have a pair of FM Radio headphones that would work fine for my kid. The thing we're trying to do is be able to have the grown-ups do what they want on the front radio while the kid watches a movie in the back seat. Right now, inevitably we do something that disrupts the audio to the DVD, and then the wife is turned around trying to fix things as we roll down the road. I'd like to avoid that.

One more thing, I guess. The center console, the wood covers for the ash-tray and the cup holder, they won't close. They look like you "press" them and they're supposed to pop open - but whatever latches them closed has broken. Looks like this might be a common problem? I can't even figure out what to call the part, where to search for it, or what. I guess I'll try the discount dealer source mentioned above.