View Full Version : Can I use the OEM factory jack for 24" wheels??

04-18-09, 02:51 AM
I know this sounds like a silly question but I would like to know if I would be able to use the factory jack if I had 24" rims and tires? Would I get enough clearance from the ground to remove it with the factory jack? Thanks.

04-18-09, 09:21 PM
thats not a silly question at all ... i was planning on getting 24's .... im interested too..

04-18-09, 11:23 PM
I believe the answer is no. I tried to use my OEM jack when I had a front tire go completly flat.....
First of all its very hard to get the jack to work at all when a tire is flat, and when I did get it, it would not go high enough to put it on when repaired.
To be honest, I just should have called AAA and have them do it lol :banghead:

04-18-09, 11:44 PM
Good answer. You'll need to place a couple blocks of 2x4 under the jack to get it to reach. That's one of the pearls of running larger aftermarket wheels.

04-19-09, 10:29 AM
thats not a silly question at all ... i was planning on getting 24's .... im interested too..

I must say, being the first person (in my 'Lade) to even use my factory jack - it is crap! It takes forever to get even start getting the vehicle off the ground and when it does it gets even harder to get the thing to turn! So you can imagine changing all fours wow!

I started to use it and then I was like forget it and went down to our local store and got me a 12 ton hydraulic bottle jack and let me tell you, the thing is a wonderful replacement for that stupid factory jack! It got the 'Lade up in the air in NO TIME and could even do it without ANY effort even using my left hand!

I know a 12 ton is kinda overkill for it - I might consider getting something just a little smaller to replace the factory jack so it would fit in the same storage space - just an idea. I have given up and that factory jack though, especially with bigger wheels on there.

04-19-09, 01:44 PM
I just use a big ole floor jack for my 24's.

I couldnt ever imagine using the factory jack, yes! that is what AAA is for, haha

04-19-09, 04:53 PM
Silly me, I don't know why I did not get the hydraulic jack when I had my 23's on my Ford. Man, talk about a workout changing the wheels for winter when using the factory jack! Well all is easy now and I am happy to change my wheels whenever now hehe :)