: Car stereo wiring problem

04-17-09, 11:55 AM
So I have my kenwood 4x50w head unit set up and this morning i set up 2 60w (20rms) Kenwood kfc-4675's in the front and 2 300w (90rms) Kicker ks690's in the back. Both 2 way speakers but i get no sound. I tested em individually and they all worked in the car but nothing when theyre all set up. Im pretty sure i have 1 way wiring coming from the stereo cause the sound wasn't as crisp as i would have expected from new speakers. So my question is what the hell do i do now?!? Am i really going to have to rewire my entire audio system to get these speakers to work? and if i do can someone post a link or something to the wires id need (2 way wires will do). Some basic instructions or tips would be appreaciated too thanks.