: Northeast OHIO people - dyno day tomorrow 4/18

Cub Cadet
04-17-09, 11:54 AM
There will be a dyno day tomorrow (4/18) starting at 10AM and running all day and into the night.
Name of the shop is Backstreet Performance in Medina OH.
Address is 650 West Smith Rd, Medina OH


Back Street Performance
650 W. Smith Rd. Unit 12
Medina, OH 44256

This will be a fun day... all kinds of neat stuff that will be there. Corvette's Camaro's, Trailblazer SS's, Mustangs, etc. I will be there with a dark blue 2002 F150 Lightning... also for sale:)
If you want to make a pull on the dyno, it is $50 for three pulls. If you want air / fuel readings, it is $60 for three pulls. These guys are fun, so it will be a good day to hang out and look at some neat cars. I would love to see some Cadillac's there!!!!

04-17-09, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the tip. I'm on call tomorrow but will try to make it with the V. I think I can dyno safely at 1100 miles on the odo, no?

Dark SSide
04-17-09, 12:43 PM
I wish I would have known about this earlier, I would have come but will be out of town. Are you on tbssowners.com it's a great site for the TBSS. I can't wait to get my V but the trailblazer is ok for now.

Cub Cadet
04-17-09, 02:28 PM
anonfrank - I think you will be fine on the dyno if you wanted. If not, it is just nice to stare at the car!!!! I am on call myself tomorrow for the fire deaprtment, but this place is literally 3 miles down the street from me. I am looking forwaqrd to it... very nice weather for us tomorrow!

Dark SSide - Yes, I am on tbssowners.com with the same user name. I myself am a wannabe CTS-V owner... maybe if I put the for sale sign on the Lightning tomorrow, I will get a buyer! As soon as that thing sells, I am in a new CTS-V 6spd! I can't waits to see WADSS Trailblazer tomorrow on the dyno... his is what I wish I could have done with mine. Mine is a daily driver and I got all wheel drive. I can say it is the best vehicle I have ever driven in the snow / ice. Plus, it is pretty quick too:)

04-17-09, 03:39 PM
Anon, your car has already been on the dyno at the factory.....no problems now.


04-18-09, 08:02 AM
I'll be there (with the V) just to watch. I have some friends bringing Vettes and a Shelby.

04-18-09, 12:53 PM
Some Indiana Goat club showed up early with about 40 cars. Got bored of seeing goatees everywhere and the waiting list was in the upper 20's. May change this evening into something else. Hats off to Eric and his crew at Backstreet for doing a great job though. Free grill food and he was banging the runs out at near 10 mins with tiedown (no tuning).:thumbsup:

04-18-09, 02:45 PM
Damn, and I was hoping for a shot at the dyno, too. If it's that much of a wait, it won't be worth the effort to go. I just finished work and was about to head down to Medina. Maybe I'll still go just to look.....

Cub Cadet
04-18-09, 07:05 PM
Talk about GTO CITY!!!! Yikes - I never saw so many before. Anyhow, sorry I wasn't there sooner. Today was wedding shower day that I had been told I did not have to go to... an hour before, I magically have to go. I did not get to the shop until 3ish, so sorry if I ,issed if you guys. My Trailblazer SS buddy from Canton showed up and put down 412rwhp, and I was thinking of putting the Lightning on there, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it today... today was the first day it has been out since October. I would have loved to see you guys up there... put the GTO's and other stuff in theor place!

Side note... would you guys want to get together for a northeast Ohio event? I am a wannabe CTS-V owner, but I just love these cars. Maybe I can talk this shop into doing another dyno day... or maybe we go to the car show in Brunswick on a Saturday night? Just thoughts. I can do the leg work if you guys want me to.

04-18-09, 07:47 PM
There are so few V owners...but I'd be up for a meet of some kind or a dyno 1/2 day for V owners and others interested.

I wish I'd been able to go to this without so many Goats there. At least I got to spend time with my two-year-old....after all, kids spell "love" as t-i-m-e....

04-18-09, 11:19 PM
We are going back to the dyno in 2 weeks to tune the 2000 FRC Vette that we just put headers on with a friend that installs for Corsa, if anyone's interested feel free to let me know. We are not doing it this week as mother nature has dealt northern Ohio with yet another gray rainy low pressure cloud for most of this coming week.

I'm up for any car gatherings. I throw my own annual car show too on June 28th in Middleburg Hts. (at our city carnival) with Eddie and the Edsels playing. All welcome for that. Food, rides, games, hot rods and music! I had 112 show last year on a rainy day (all by personal invite without cruisin times) great party.
Doin the Power Tour for Michigan and Ohio stops too. Have rooms at both host hotels near the bars since I have drunk wild friends.

Helping arrange the LX Nats (Mopar thing) at Quaker City Dragway in July.

The list goes on...

04-19-09, 12:18 AM
thats funny, our band played there last year....


04-19-09, 07:13 AM
Do any of you guys go to Dragway 42 for the Tuesday or Friday night street sessions? I'm planning to try (schedule and wife willing) to go to one of these next month just to see what kind of 1/4 mile time this totally inexperienced driver can get. It's about 45 min from me (271/480 interchange area).

04-20-09, 10:27 AM
I want to get a baseline on my non V... cant believe i missed this dammit.

shoulda taken pics of the GTO's