: STS Battery

04-16-09, 06:22 PM
My 2008 STS V6 would not start in my garage this morning after sitting 5 days. Votage was down to 10.6 volts. After a totally unsatisfactory go around with Cadillac roadside non-assistance, I finally jumped the car and drove it to the dealer. Dealer says everything checks out and refused t replace the battery. Does anyone know of a battery that will fit besides a crappy AC Delco?

04-16-09, 09:28 PM
Told Dealer that my 05 STS battery was weak (low voltage). They replaced battery under warranty last year without any question. ...

04-17-09, 06:48 AM
I recently had my 06 bat replaced. My dealer spent over 30mins testing it to get it to fail. I would find another dealer.

04-17-09, 08:38 AM
As I found out last year with my wife's CTS, you cannot go to the local auto parts houses and buy an OTC battery for your CTS. The same holds true for the STS as I found out. The series of the battery is 101 for the STS. A dealer item only. They go for $178 and up depending on what dealer you talk to.

The parts houses will not sell you any sort of a replacement or try to fit something in of comperable quality saying "The incorrect battery was not made for that car and cannot warranty it." They are scared to even try.

I got in the yellow pages under "Batteries" and located a few businesses that stocked car batteries. I remember a place that my Dad used to buy Semi-truck batteries at. They looked it up in their books and came up with 101 as the replacement. They installed a battery of the same dimensions with the exception of the replacement battery being about 1/2 inch taller than GM DELCO coming out of the car. Had the same CCA as GM. Also the battery warehouse said, "It did not matter what car their battery went into, they would give the full warranty for it." A tight fit but no problems. Even the hold down mount matched up on the replacement battery and use the GM battery cover. Cost less than $70 with tax. It was the same on the CTS last year.
I checked to see what the number was on the replacement battery. It is a 78-72, side posts. Same dimensions as Delco, just 1/2 inch taller. It works fine.

I'm sure Interstate batteries would have a replacement you could install.

If you type in Battery under the Search function, you will find more information. Good luck in your quest. The Delcos dont last too long. Your better off getting away from it.

04-17-09, 10:55 AM
Interstate batteries has a direct replacement, been running it on my car for 6 months (I know, nothing for a battery) without any issues. Used it to replace my shitty OEM battery.

For the STS you are looking for the MTP-101 from Interstate.

04-17-09, 12:51 PM
Thanks for the info. My next one will be the Interstate MPT-101 !!!

04-17-09, 01:10 PM
No problem!

Angus Young
04-17-09, 01:58 PM
Do yourself a favor, do NOT buy any A/C Delco battery, instead get yourself a Optima Red Top battery its a 78 series battery with no top posts, its 1000 CCA and it will run you $190.00, this is the best battery you can buy for your STS, it is completely sealed, no leaks, no corrosion, no lead plates dissolving and shorting out cells, and with the STS's need for clean consistant power rest assured your N* will be starting after a week of sitting, the red top is just a tad taller than the origional but all of your covers will still fit, me personally, I took all my internal blankets off my N*.
"OPTIMA" :thumbsup:

04-17-09, 04:02 PM
The STS reports battery voltage...what is the level at which I want to start thinking replacement ? what should one look for to prevent being left dead in the parking lot ?

04-17-09, 10:10 PM
Someone around here knows for sure. My flakey memory recalls 13.8 Volts being a normal full charge.

04-18-09, 09:32 PM
Sears DieHard Gold B-16. $109 (plus tax). Available virtually everywhere. Perfect fit (sans carry handle). Leave the carry handle attached just long enough to place the new battery in the tray, then clip it off before refitting the battery cover. :thumbsup:

04-19-09, 11:36 AM
""Someone around here knows for sure. My flakey memory recalls 13.8 Volts being a normal full charge""

A fully charged battery will have 12.6 volts after sitting for a few hours after charging. Depending on how heavily the alternator is asked for a charge, the voltage can run anywhere from 14.5 volts or less while running, but it will slowly come down after the surface charge dissipates. After sitting for days it can come down to 12.2 volts which is considered empty--it will still crank but much less than that indicates a bad battery or a long term drain somewhere.

04-20-09, 08:30 AM
I have had this happen to me twice in the past month on my '08 STS V6. The first time, the vehicle sat for 7 days. Got in, car would not start. IT gave me the starter deactivated; theft detected message. I was getting ready to go on a trip, so I did not have time to mess around, ended up driving a 1995 GMC Sierra with 137,000 miles for the 300 mile trip. When I got home, I jumped it and it was working great, until today, when it did the same exact thing. This time though, it was driven on Friday, so it only sat over the weekend. Battery voltage seems fine after the jump. Have no problems turning off and then turning back on again. I think the next time it happens, I will check voltage on battery before I jump it.

Any advice from anyone else who had above happen would be appreciated.

04-20-09, 12:17 PM
While it is true the chain auto supply stores do not carry batteries that are short enough to fit an STS, many second tier stores handle Delco batteries and you do not need to go to a dealer. I know some folks have issues with Delco but I've had Delco batteries last 7, 8 and now 4 years in my last few GM cars. For $100 that's good enough for me.

04-23-09, 03:09 PM
I found an exact replacement battery for my 08 STS. It is an interstate 85 month Megatron Plus MTP-H6. The Firestone dealer said he would have to order because he does not stock and the price would be $135 and change. Not bad. See http://www.interstatebatteries.com/cs_eStore/Products/RT/PID-MTP-H6(Automotive+Truck).aspx?dsNavigation=Ns~Capacity |101|0|,N~21-4294493482-4294492287-2147384885
for details.

01-08-17, 01:07 PM
I have seen most of the thread pertaining to the 2004-2006 V6. I have a 2006 sts with a v8. It has the 101 delco in it. Does the 78 alternative still work?

01-08-17, 02:50 PM
I've read on here many times that it does as long as it doesn't have the side and top posts (only side posts).

Next time my 101 goes bad I'm getting a 78.