: Regular shocks for 2002 escadade?

04-15-09, 07:40 PM
I need some help, I bought some regular shocks for my truck, they work wonderful. i had disconnected my old electronic shocks for several days before I ordered new ones and NO light. second day with new shocks-non electronic now my service ride lights comes on WOW. DO anyone know how to turn or trick the system to turn the light off?? please help

04-16-09, 02:07 AM
Just wondering why did you get "regular" shocks??

04-16-09, 04:39 PM
Just wondering why did you get "regular" shocks??

Only reason I can think of the cost savings.

I can imagine the difference in the ride is different ?

04-16-09, 07:14 PM
Cost saving is number one, as you read this site you will find that every one is having the same problems with their cars, you can almost predict the next break down. Why replace a system that is going to fail again in 1-2 years? I know that GM and others manufactures design parts to fail, as a manufacturer(worker) I know that the most Money is made from Replacements/service parts with a 2-400% mark up. My new shocks rides 100% better than that electronic mess ever did, One site sold them for $650 for 4, but I found the distributor that sells to that company and paid only $275 for 4, a good deal, the savings is great. One new OEM $ 400 plus,This is just for shocks, not compressor etc....you do the math, Like paying for a very expensive stereo system, can you or do you really hear the difference or need to? to Each it's own

04-25-09, 10:52 PM
what brand and model shocks did you buy?