: Snow flake idiot light

04-15-09, 07:26 AM
Keep forgeting when home to check owners manual. It is not shown in the '06 cheater manual.

On the upper right side of the cluster, above the Mil light, is a snow flake. You can see it with a flash light or when the sun is shining on it.

What is it for ?

Audi used one to show when under 32 degrees outside but it never lights. I assume it is Europe spec. or option ?

04-15-09, 08:09 AM
Instead now it just uses arbitrary text on the radio to say ice possible. I think it was just a unused lamp output "Just in case" I believe they have a winter mode, but ive never seen it turn on or be active. Probably just a message that needs to be sent accross the bus to allow it to be active, but i have never just wanted to figure it out. Winter mode, usually just has really light shifts and no engine drag.

04-15-09, 02:23 PM
I was just thinking about that same thing the other day. I looked all through the owners manual too and didn't find anything. My only guess was it is used for European versions. I am still very curious to find out.

c5 rv
04-15-09, 10:02 PM
My 04 CTS had a winter switch that lit the snowflake on the dash and set the auto trans to start out in 2nd gear rather than 1st.

04-16-09, 07:17 AM
c5 rv has the answer. the cluster used in the SRX is not an SRX exclusive... Here in Europe, the SRX's snow flake light is inactive too. Cheers.

04-16-09, 08:46 AM
The snow mode makes sense.

I bet the traction control over rode the need for the flake.

Northern SRX
04-16-09, 01:04 PM
The snow mode makes sense.

I bet the traction control over rode the need for the flake.

The CTS had traction control so I suspect that isn't the answer - I could be wrong, though. Perhaps the Cadillac engineers decided that the SRX's available AWD (as opposed to the CTS's RWD-only set-up) eliminated the need to include a winter mode for the transmission.

04-17-09, 06:56 AM
I thought "winter mode" with any GM transmission is lever in second gear, that translates to SRX's manual mode 2nd? I made good experiences with this "feature". Especially with my wifes Astro (RWD) - am I wrong?