: AVIC D3 In a 04?

Ghost Deany
04-14-09, 09:43 PM
ive read around a bit but havent really found what im after. the 04 with stock navigation, can the pioneer AVIC D3 be installed right in its spot? are they the same size or do you need a trimplate. im assuming you need the GMOS harness? I have it installed in my CTS right now, and that was one big pain in the ass to do, had to cut out a spot in the factory plastic cd player ect ect. even wiring it up was not simple. i guess my questions are to put it simply.

1. can the avic just go right in the spot where the stock navi is?

2. is there anything special you have to do to retain chimes, warnings or anything?

3. ive heard of some issue about with the bose stereo, that when the pioneers installed, the rear speakers no longer work? is there a fix for that?


04-15-09, 12:18 AM
Im not sure bout D3's but i have a F90BT and it fit right it just had to put the trimplate and thats it...of course youll need bose adapter and pac-swi if u want steering cotrol to still function..works good..also the rear speaker still works with no problems