: Right or left, Help Please!!!

07-10-04, 04:12 PM
hey guys,

As whoever read my last post knows one of my engine fans went, the passengar side one to be exact. Well anyway i found a used one locally pretty cheap and was wondering if it is a passengar or drivers side, how can i tell? The guy cant remember either but says its the one with the mounting arms closer together. If its the drivers side, can i just switch the monunting arms and use it? Is replacing the fan motor an option? How much can i actually expect to pay for a new fan from the dealer? Also the fan came out of a 94 seville. He says the fan should fit my 97 eldorado without a probelm ( he actually said it should fit all 93-99 Cadillac Seville Deville and Eldorados) but i wanted to check with you guys first. And one last thing, is there anything else i should check for, or acessories that should come with the fan?

Thanx again guys!:confused:

07-11-04, 05:32 PM
Passenger side (right) is the larger of the fans. It also has a metal shield attached to the fan motor to shield it from the exhaust heat.

The drivers side (left) is smaller and the top two support arms are close (about 6") together.

I would not try switching the parts, as one is difinitly moving more air you could easily overwork the electrical motor, or not provide enough power to spin the fan at the correct RPM.