: 1997 Power Steering Pump Questions

04-14-09, 09:00 AM
Hi, I'm trying to change my dad's ps pump on his 97 deville n* and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to remove it. It appears that the pulley has to be removed to access the bolts, however the a/c canister is in the way of inserting a pulley puller to remove it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

04-14-09, 10:05 AM

Mark C
04-14-09, 12:25 PM
Theres one bolt in a recess on the windsheild side of the pump that removes the whole pump from the motor. If your standing at the passenger fender its on the left side of the pump right behind and under the reservoir. You put a socket (I think its either a 13 or 15MM) straight down into the recess between the pump and the rear valve cover and loosen the bolt. You don't have to remove the bolt all the way just enough to release the clamp that holds it to the motor. the clamp is sort of a wedge the jams the pump up against a notch in the front of the block. Once its loose and you have the hoses and serpentine belt off the pump lifts straight up. You can pull the pulley off with a puller after its off the car.