: Playstation in STS

Unique Distributing
04-13-09, 08:26 PM
hey guys

When i got my 2005 STS i noticed that inside the arm rest there was 3 AV plug outlets yellow white and red. I was wondering if it was possible to hook up a Playstation to the car and view it through the Nav screen and i would power it through a power inverter?

anyone know if this will work

04-13-09, 10:54 PM
It will work until you move & the GM Lawyers Module kicks in and blanks the screen. A Lockpick can overcome that but has to be specially modified if you have a 2005, 2006 or no Steering Wheel Mute button.

04-14-09, 10:15 AM
Sure will.
Just plug it in and hit the AUX button, then select Video In/Out on the screen.

Check this thread for info on the Lockpick: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-sts-forum-2005-through-2010/157192-adapt-2008-sts-lockpick-previous-yrs.html

Unique Distributing
04-14-09, 06:23 PM
to overcome the screen from blanking out u need a lockpick.. this seems like it is extensive in performing this. is there a easy way to do this? i have a 05 sts with ACC

04-15-09, 12:19 AM

2007 STS' with a steering wheel mute button and all later STS models (which also have steering wheel mute) can use the stock Lockpick to defeat the 'lock' on all the various Navigation-based features (Bluetooth, Aux, etc.) that don't work when the STS is in motion. There is a thread that describes how it works (sort-of) and how it can be modified to work with 2007's w' ACC & prior year models. It could take a day read everything about it. :)

I have a 2006 STS with ACC, and didn't want to take the chance on the modifications needed to make it work for me. By stirring up demand with others like me, another member agreed to do a short production run of modified Lockpick's to satisfy us. He might do so again but the facts are on the forum for anyone with the $ & willingness to chase the goal.

It works great in my wife's 2007 & my 2006 (thanks to Tomm). :worship:

I am not a vendor. I have nothing to gain if people pursue this product. I apologize for any forum rules that I may have bent with this post.

Like any tool, this capability should be used with caution. I just see no reason why a passenger should not be able to take advantage of available technology. Please be safe and reasonable. And have fun!