: 00' STS N* Conversion ???

04-13-09, 05:29 PM
Has anyone heard or seen anything about doing a conversion
on a STS? ie......converting to say a LS1 or something like that.
The LS1 is larger than the N* but I just wanted to know if anyone has done it
with anything other than a N*, Or are you stuck with a North*?

Also what are the "L" designators for GM motors?

ie......LS1, LS3 etc......

Is anyone making cams?

04-13-09, 06:11 PM
You might consider swapping in the entire drivetrain from a FWD Impala, but then you're left with different control modules which may or may not communicate with body modules. The engine alone will not swap. CHRFAB regrinds some Northstar cams for light body sand rails and Fieros, but there's nothing for the FWD Northstar Seville/Deville package. The GM engineers have already done 99.999% of the power work on this drivetrain. There are some nitrous packages and one turbo (custom one-off, $14,500+) out there, but nothing special for a FWD Seville.

Some slight reworking of the air intake (forget the phony aftermarket so-called "CAI" stuff - the car already has its own CAI) and, for you, a CORSA cat-back exhaust are about it. Do some (a lot) homework here and in Seville ^^^, keep it clean and tuned, and enjoy the car for what it is: a fairly fast, comfortable, technically challenging 4,000 lb. sport sedan.

04-13-09, 11:26 PM
I just ported a set of heads for a customers car, a 97 STS. He's doing the engine install, I just did the seals, HGs, studs and head work. There's a fair amount of clean up work that can be done in the bowls and exhaust ports, not a whole lot on the intake side though. The valve guides were smoothed as well. On a 32 valve engine this was very time consuming. He agreed to let me drive it once the engine was in- I am very curious how the engine will perform. I gave him an idea of mine about the crossover pipe, but I doubt he'll do anything with it. Head porting won't do much good without a free flowing exhaust system.

The idea for the crossover is to route the pipe over the transmission as the 3800's do, but to do so involves eliminating the water pump crossover assembly. My plan was to do this and switch to a remote electric water pump, but there's a lot involved in that and I don't have that kind of time right now. The electric water pump would definitely provide some advantages though.