: Remote starter issue

04-13-09, 04:07 PM
when i use the remote starter and try to open the driver door, it will not unlock. i need to use the key to get in car. when i try to start the car it will say NO FOBS DETECTED, so then i turn the car off and on and there is no more issue. this has happened before and i am doing what i did last time and it is not fixing the issue.

to try to fix i did:
would make sure the car was on and in Park and reconfigured the settings and stored driver settings.

this is not fixing the problem. i have done this several times but it is not working. the keyless entry works fine (recognizes me and will let my open the drivers door as long i have not remotely started the car).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

04-14-09, 03:00 PM
Do you have both FOBs? If it happens with both, then it may take a dealer to fix. The FOB may need a new battery but it is less likely for both batteries to get low at the same time.

04-14-09, 03:10 PM
when using the remote start you have to press the lock and hold the remote button to start the engine. if the battery in the fob is getting low that would explain why it only screws up when you use the remote start because you have temporarily drained the battery enough that the car doesnt read the FOB to open the door for you. After the leaving the remote for an extended period of time with out using it the battery will regain some power again. I would try and replace the battery first. I also agree with Echas3 thou try both remotes.

04-16-09, 01:10 PM
Okay, thanks i will try this out!