: Anyone interested in cold air kits for your SRX?

04-13-09, 03:30 PM
I had made a few kits for customers a while back and run one on mine also.

It makes a VERY large difference on a V8.

You can hear the motor when you accellerate and it makes the engine really come alive.

The stock airbox is VERY restricted to keep internal noise down and to restrict power. My kit replaces the stock airbox with just a metal barier and a HUGE k&n reusable airfilter. They are the same filters i use on my race cars.

Price would be around 200-250 depending on how many people would want them.

I cant show the horsepower gain as the SRX i own is awd so i dont have a dyno to slap it on.. But ive been around hp gains, and it is at least 50 on the high end from the butt dyno. The stock one is VERY restricted and has another baffle inside under the filter as you can see and it is a major restriction.

V6 guys should see a gain also, but not nearly as much as the V8 guys...

Jake's SRX
04-13-09, 05:31 PM
So now it also breath's better and might get me a bit better mileage? (when I don't hammer it) Now sounds like I have the same power train and you figure 50 hp increase for 250$! So your rationalization for that is...
I'm new to this sort of stuff as I never really put mods on a vehicle for the past 20 years and am the type of person who needs to understand something before I shell out. I know making this thing breath better gets better performance, is 15 % realistic please let me know. got a picture?:err:

Jake's SRX
04-13-09, 06:00 PM
So I looked at the website and not much there for information. Just who they are and if you want info please call.

04-14-09, 06:50 PM

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the plusses and minuses of your barrier design v. the enclosed airbox design of the Volant.

Would the barrier in your kit extend to the hood with a rubber weatherstrip to seal off the air filter compartment?

In terms of performance and mpg improvement, on a V8 SRX, how would this compare to an intake lid on an LS1 Fbody? For anyone that doesn't know, an aftermarket airbox lid on a 98-02 LS1 Camaro/Firebird reliably produced at least 10 more rwhp on an otherwise stock setup.

I understand you do some tuning - care to weigh in on what could be accomoplished with a cold air kit plus a tune on a Northstar SRX?

04-14-09, 09:03 PM
Mine is different as im going straight off the mass air meter which is 3.5inches and i up the pipe to 4 inch so there is 0 restriction. The filter im using is a 4 inch inlet conical that is Very large. The stock setup is way to small for a 6 cly let alone a V8 with 320 hp. A camaro with less horsepower has 2 times the amount of the stock filter diameter and it is still a restriction on it. So i dont see how the stock one on the SRX is not a restriction.... I hate having to prove myself to any of you guys. I have a solid reputation on this forum of giving guys more than what they pay for and no bull crap. I was doing this just to help you guys out. And aparently it isn't wanted..

Since the other guys that where bad mouthing me didn't bother looking on thier truck or post pictures of the stock one, here you guys go. You can decide yourself.

04-14-09, 09:08 PM
Yes topjohn, My kit has a metal barrier that has a high quality rubber seal all the way around. So it is mostly sealed when the hood is shut. Then from the mass air meter, there is a mandrel bent 90 degree elbow that is 3.5 inch in diameter and goes to 4inch on the other side, then the filter fits into the top and bottom of the hole where the factory filter sat and the other part that gets fresh air into it.

04-15-09, 10:42 AM
With CAI kits i always worry about the day that we have a large rainstorm and then my intake ends up sucking in water and there goes my engine. What can you say about your design that can limit that? also are the pics you posted essentially the same design for a V6 (which I have) would you be able to post a MP3 or WAV sound file of stock air filter VS your air filter. I maybe interested in this.

04-15-09, 11:22 AM
I'd be interested in purchasing a CAI for the SRX Northstar if there were solid dyno results for it, and if the price was resonable (sub $250).

I wouldn't worry too much about rain with a cold air intake. I drive my Talon TSi in the rain and the CAI doesn't even get damp...and its much closer to the ground and more exposed than the SRX. If you do want some protection from sucking water, AEM has a simple solution which should work with any pipe:


04-15-09, 05:51 PM
Personally I would not worry at all about water injestion with a cold air intake as described in this thread. It keeps the stock intake location, which, being way up behind the headlamp, is pretty well out of the way of any water. You should be fine with anything this side of a deep water crossing that comes up to the headights. But I suspect you'd be in trouble the with the stock intake as well.

If we were talking about a sealed pipe that relocated the initial air pickup point down below the bumper, that would cause me some level of concern. But again, the SRX is so high to begin with that even that would be a higher intake than say, a Z06 Corvette.

Any thoughts on what kind of power or milage results could be achieved with your cold air intake and a pcm retune on a V8 SRX?