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bigdaddy's caddy
04-13-09, 11:06 AM
Hello I am looking for a good set of HID fog lights for my 04 ESV I've been looking on ebay and found a lot of sellers on there My questions is can anyone recommend an reputable seller That will stand behind there warranty Thank you everyone in advance your help is appreciated[SIZE="4"] :thumbsup:

04-13-09, 05:42 PM
Look up in our supporting vendors forum:



You'll get exactly what you pay for on Ebay. Buy HID on Ebay and expect that vendor to be "no longer a registered user" when you need warranty coverage.

bigdaddy's caddy
04-14-09, 02:32 PM
Tank you ROLEX i will be making a purchase from sharp hid I have one more question I want to go with the 8000k color can i buy just the bulbs for the headlights and use the factory ballast or do i need to buy a the kit thank you

04-14-09, 02:55 PM
If your lights weren't HID from the factory and you don't have a ballast dedicated to light them, you'll need to buy a HID conversion kit (retrofit kit). The kit will contain everything you'll need to retrofit HIDs into a non-hid housing.

If you already have ballasts you should be able to buy the temperature bulbs you want to plug and play.

FWIW, I believe anything over 6000k temp is a waste of money. If you're buying them for their color, fine. But you should know they won't be as bright as the 5000-6000k lamps. Post pics when you get them in.