: Code P0741...Really confused.....Need help!!!

04-13-09, 12:11 AM
I just recieved a 1998 Deville, i have put a lot of work into the car. First, since I have had the car (about a month) i haven't had 4th gear, i just thought it was part of the 17 other codes that the car was having problems with. So last weekend i finally finished fixing all of them. To my surprise i still don't have 4th gear causing it rev high in the expressway, like it would if you were to shift the column shifter into 3.

THe weird thing is there were no codes up until yesterday, then code P0741 pop up, the dreaded torque converter problem. I just don't understand b/c i cleared the code yesterday and put on almost 200 miles today with out the code coming back. Only thing that hasn't changed is i don't have 4th gear.

I feel like i'm beating the engine without having 4th b/c of all the highway driving i do, most of the time she is close to 3000 rpms. I just don't get this P0741 code and not having 4th gear??? I have read a lot about this code but haven't found anything that is exactly like my problem. Its just weird b/c shifts into 2nd and 3rd are still pretty smooth with no slipping, even when you get on the gas. Any help would be great!!!!!

04-13-09, 08:50 AM
P0741 sets when the TCC (Torque Convertor Clutch, your "5th speed") is commanded to engage, but the transmission sensors detect a certain percentage of "slip".

With the car running in P, warmed up, check the transmission fluid. Make sure the fluid shows halfway up the dipstick hashmark. The 4T80E is a dry sump transmission, so there will be NO fluid on the dipstick when the engine is off. If there is, the transmission is overfilled. Use DEXRON-III or the newer DEXRON-VI.

Check the transmission cooler lines to/from the driver's side of the radiator side tank. You want the lines to be hot, maybe the top line a bit hotter than the lower. There's 200 degree coolant in that radiator, so that's what the transmission fluid runs at also. Supposed to. If there's no temperature or a great temperature difference, then you may have a clogged cooler line, which may default the transmission to "hot" mode. (No TCC)

If the condition persists after these checks, then you have to replace the TCC pressure solenoid, which is a $50 part buried $2,000 deep (labor-wise) in the transmission.