: Factory headrest monitors DVD player location?

04-12-09, 12:26 PM
Where is the DVD player installed on EXTs with factory headrest monitors?
Thanks guys!

04-12-09, 07:17 PM
The players are built into the actual headrest:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/03-04-05-06-Cadillac-Escalade-DVD-Headrest-Dual-Player_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2em20Q2el11 16QQhashZitem370081974312QQitemZ370081974312QQptZC arQ5fAudioQ5fVideo

Sloppy D
04-12-09, 07:45 PM
Depends on which system you have, The only factory DVD's by Cadillac are overhead any headrest DVD's from the lot are generally installed by the local dealer from a local shop to push the sale of the vehicle or a client request. We do all the one's for Chevrolet/Hummer here at my shop.

04-12-09, 08:28 PM
Cadillac has never offered a DVD headrests as a factory option AFAIK.

I've bought 4 sets of headrest DVD players in the past few years though, and all of them had the DVD player located in the headrest. The units were all self contained.

04-13-09, 01:04 AM
I personally did the Audiovox version. With the DVD player built in. I think they are great...
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Audiovox-7-dual-headrest-built-in-dual-dvd-HR7DD-NEW_W0QQitemZ120405674640QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCar_Vi deo_Navigation?hash=item120405674640&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A131 8

04-13-09, 07:14 AM
I bought the older version visualogics I guess; two monitors with a external DVD player "Directed" or something. If not done at the factory, I'm wondering where the dealer would have normally mounted that? Nobody has this setup?

04-13-09, 12:42 PM
Under a seat would be the first guess. If not, sit in the back seat and see what makes sense?

04-13-09, 05:32 PM

This is the setup

Sloppy D
04-13-09, 08:07 PM
I would go for under the rear seat or if you dont use your changer you could mount in the changer location. We mount most set ups we run into like this under the center bench or the passenger side captains depending which seat. The driver can at least reach both of these locations from the drivers seat with a little stretching.