View Full Version : 1979 coupe deville axle blown

04-12-09, 08:52 AM
my 79 coupe has a cracked rear axle shaft, i have read in the threads that 77 to 79 devilles had a special cad only rear end. what are the options on a swap ? or on finding NOS axle shafts, or complete rear ends, anything woudl be helpful. from another gm model to having a rear end built for the car. the car has sentinmental value, and i know that a custom rear would probably cost more than the car is currently worth. i only drive the car for fun in the summer with the kids to get snowballs and to work 5 miles away, never on the highway, so i have always dreamed of putting some better gears in it anyway to see if it would wake things up a little. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

04-12-09, 03:56 PM
That rear axle, front suspension and frame were shared with the OLDS 98, Chevy Caprice, Buick big body and Pontiac Bonneville. Check with a wrecking yard and they will have a Hollander Interchange manual to tell you what swaps. My first thought is a Caprice with the police car option in the mid 80's. Should be a performance ratio.