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Night Wolf
07-10-04, 12:37 AM
read the first line of the ad, then look at the pic....

...notice how the deer did not hit the [steel] bumper at all?

most of the impact went into the plastic grille, fiberglass nose piece and various plastic head light trim pieces... both fenders seem to be fine, and the hood isn't even bent... it could either be strightened, or just go to a junkyard and get a new hood.... he said the radiator is damaged (although the engine will still run.... just don't run it for long without coolant) but overall, if you were to go thorugh and remove the broken pieces, I think you would have a car that just needs some front end trim pieces....

...80mph... I beileve it too.... as soon as I read that, I was thinking back to those threads you see on the Honda sites where someone hits a deer at 60mph and the car is tototaled.... hell, if the deer was to have hit the bumper on that '79, then go under the car... the driver would have probably shrugged it off to a small pot hole, and then not understand why the bumper had a slight dent in it the next day.....

.... the sad part is, on new compact cars like Saturn and VW.... the bumpers are not even steel... they are styrofoam.... I don't care how much technology is in the thing... I'll take 4,500lbs of steel anyday....


07-10-04, 08:57 AM
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Night Wolf
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07-10-04, 07:27 PM
Wow, he would be dead if that was a Civic.

07-10-04, 08:39 PM
That should be a fairly easy fix. I did basically the same thing to my Caddy, except I hit an Explorer, not a dear. Wiped out the grille, header panel, headlight trim, cost me about 600 and change to get it fixed.

That color is god awful though.

Night Wolf
07-11-04, 12:10 AM
That color is god awful though.

:crying: :crying: :crying:


eh.... jk... anyway, i don't like the color anyway, I call it old man yellow, Cadillac calls it Canary Yellow... either way, it isn't pretty, and the only thing keeping me from getting my car (pictured) painted black after the engine swap, is the fact that is is origanal, and in such great shape... that, and the padded vinyl roof (extra option) would probably have to come off... or re-dyed or something... only rust on the car is the back left door where some paint peeled and light surface rust started... I am going to get it cleaned up though....

..although, I want to compound the paint out, and then use an expensive 3-step waxing process I have... as it is now, the paint dosn't reflect anything at all... I think it is enamel... but still.... if it shines up nice, I may just end up keeping it... plus, those weird colors from the 70's (orange, yellow, red etc..) seem to be coming back, so maybe in a few years, it'll actually be popular again :)

but as it is now, all my money with that car is going towards the engine... the paint is fine for now...