: lowering with 22" rims

04-11-09, 01:39 AM
i am about to put on 22" rims, and i also really want to lower it. If i get these rims am i still able to lower it with out having to make any modifications. If so what company should i go with for the lowering? I appreciate any help.


04-11-09, 10:01 PM
I do not believe you can lower the car without rubbing on 22 inch wheels. Besides, with 22es the wheels will completely fill the wheel gaps nicely. Just avoid potholes at all costs...

04-12-09, 03:05 PM
you can lower it fine... i have 22's on my sts with air ride and when i ride it low, i still dont get rubbing... but keep in mind my fenders are rolled aswell... but the above poster is correct 22s do fill out the wheel well perfectly fine so u dont need to lower it;

04-16-09, 07:23 PM
my front is fine with the gaps but there is still about a 2 inch gap in the rear with 22s