: 95 SLS throttle body vacuum plug

04-10-09, 09:51 PM
Looking for the 3 way rubber grommet replacement.
The piece that connects the vacuum hoses to the top of the throttle body.
Anyone one knows of an after market piece. Mine is cracked and leaking and brittle.

Thanks in advance,

04-14-09, 09:14 PM
hey i been looking for the same piece and no luck yet

08-11-09, 01:45 PM

Did anyone ever find this piece? I need a replacement also, but can't find it. Thanks.

08-11-09, 03:33 PM
I ended up using some ultra black RTV gasket maker on mine. Works fine, but it may only be a temporary fix.

08-11-09, 05:36 PM
Take a look at the "Help !" blister pack rack at your local large parts store. There are any number of fittings, connectors, vacuum hose - so many that you can make your own custom vacuum "tree".

08-22-09, 06:42 PM
Same problem here.

I checked with my local GM dealer. The part you are looking for comes in a kit with tubes, a regulator and solenoid. It is GM Part # 03539219, HARNESS, EVAP EMIS CNSTR PURGE (INCLS 2-6). My discount price was $125, wholesale about $145. They don't just sell the vacuum port connection. I suggest your local salvage yard. Also check the other rubber connection at the solenoid.

I don't know how much a leak here would affect performance since it is tied into the evaporator purge system. Probably not much, if at all, except for a burp at startup. Hopefully others can comment. Ranger, you out there?

08-22-09, 06:49 PM
I would not think that would affect performance too greatly either.

08-23-09, 09:42 AM
The problem with a leak in the EVAP system is that it sets the "Check gas cap" message and then eventually sets EVAP codes which will fail emissions testing. EVAP only purges the fuel vapor overflow canister under specific cruise conditions when a small amount of extra "air leak" will not upset fuel mixture calculations, so a full-time vacuum leak is not good.

09-15-12, 11:07 AM
sorry to bump this, I just broke mine last night, any solution other then making your own?

09-15-12, 11:13 AM
Post #5. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Probably so obsolete you would never find a new exact replacement. Any of those vacuum lines/pipes/connectors can be replaced with parts from the Help! racks at any large parts store.