View Full Version : I bought a Navigation DVD from Ebay. Disc thinks Im in another state.

04-10-09, 04:40 PM
HELP! I bought a CTS Navigation DVD from Ebay to replace mine that was stolen. The dvd works but it thinks I'm in another state. The previous owner erased her info. I put my address in 'Home'. I live in CT, Disc is from Michigan. If I hit go home I get directions from Michigan, even though I'm in CT. Strangly I can even watch myself on the map driving across michigan. Is there any way to re-boot or something. Thanx.

04-12-09, 10:54 AM
disc should have nothing to do with it unless the nav disc you bought is for the CD based nav and is for that region only

06-04-09, 03:14 AM
is the gps antenna installed?

06-04-09, 09:31 AM
The nav in my STS has a setting for "search area" where the country is broken down into sections. Check your manual...I had to change mine from the D.C. area to the Pacific NW.